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Tuesday, October 26
Noghaideli: No smell of leadership change, so far

In his interview to Mteli Kvira, leader of Fair Georgia, Zurab Noghaideli talked about the newly founded Georgian Party, saying that he welcomes the step, and despite the fact that the new party’s leaders are not new faces to Georgian politics, he finds their union interesting.

“We should try every way to change the authorities and no-one should have the opinion that his or her way is the only one and unique. I had consultations with Irakli Okruashvili (one of the leaders of the Georgian party, now in exile) and other leaders of the party. Also, I had consultations with Georgians living abroad who worry about Georgia. They have a full right to take part in building our state including the business activities here. The business environment will change from 2011 as I cannot see any opportunities for foreign investment to come to the country, therefore I cannot see any economic prosperity of Georgia as we had in previous years. Government fights with businessmen - that is obvious!” Noghaideli said.

“The Georgian party made a big step; they developed their working plan and I wish each political force would do so. I do not believe revolution is the only way to change a government, there can be elections or revolution. When the rose revolution happened there was huge support by the people. Then there was a smell of leadership change in the country, now I cannot feel it, and it is difficult to predict when it will come,” Noghaideli said.

Baghaturia demands price decreasing on medicines

Opposition MP Jondi Baghaturia is demanding a price decreasing on medicines, 24 Hours reports. The Draft Law "On Changes and Amendments to Georgian Law - on Medications and Pharmaceutical Activity”, submitted as the legislative initiative of Baghaturia, suggests freezing prices on pharmaceutical products. Its presentation was held yesterday in Parliament, with public discussion on the Draft Law beginning simultaneously.

The idea of the draft is that a price limit will be imposed on the surplus value at every stage of derivation of the price: importing the product, the wholesale trade phase and retail trade. “The companies will be able to work on the profit but such a way that their profit will not become a heavy burden for the population, especially pensioners and poor families,” Baghaturia stated yesterday.

The presentation of the draft was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare and leading pharmaceutical companies and pensioners. Following the completion of the public discussions, the initiator will register the draft at the Parliament.

At yesterday’s meeting it was pointed out that in Belgium, the price of medicines rose by 193% over 25 years; however medicine prices in Georgia increased by 200% over the past 2 years.