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Do you think corruption is still one of Georgia's main problems?

Tuesday, October 26
“Well, I think that at the present moment corruption is not a main problem of Georgia. Our main problems are the lost territories and unemployment, to my mind. As for corruption, it always exists, even in the most developed and influential countries. However the main issue is the scale of it. Lately, the situation in this area has improved in Georgia, to my mind.”
Nugzar, Dentist, 43

“There are several kinds of corruption in Georgia and some of it has been greatly reduced - I mean the smallest deals and bribery among the average citizens. However the so-called elite corruption remains among the most burning issues of our society.”
Malkhaz, Doctor, 48

“There have been lots of cases revealing corruption in our country over the last several years which have been eradicated by the appropriate governmental authorities. This very fact points out that the rate of corruption has decreased but not disappeared. I definitely think that corruption will remain among the many unsolved problems in Georgia until we, people learn to live more loyal and live our lives honestly.”
Lali, Sociologist, 29

Corruption is one of the main problems of Georgia, I think. The present authorities state that its level has reduced, but if it is true, why are there so many arrests for bribe taking? The worst thing is that the bigger players are always safe.
Nodar, Businessman, 34

Compared with former years, the situation regarding anti-corruption is better in the country, in my opinion. I have not heard lately that some officials have demanded bribe from somebody for a job, or something like this. Corruption still exists of course, but the scale has been significantly reduced
Liza, Manager, 28

“To be honest I have never encountered a situation lately when I was asked to give a bribe for some service. It used to be quite a frequent thing 5-6 years ago. I am talking about my own experience. Maybe I am the only lucky one. But I guess it is not so and the situation has generally improved.”
Lela, Accountant, 50

“The main problem for us, for the ordinary population, is unemployment. I think Saakashvili managed to fight corruption at some point but unemployment is really a huge problem. In my opinion all efforts should be directed towards solving this problem.”
Manana, Unemployed, 43

“The corruption is still there; just it is masked much better than it used to be. I think now you need more money to bribe someone, than you used to need during Shevardnadze’s times. This is the only difference I see in terms of corruption between the pre- and post-Rose Revolution period.”
Alexandre, Mathematician, 62

“Corruption is among the problems of all epochs throughout the world. I know there are so many publications and reports about how the level of corruption deals has reduced but I doubt the law enforcers are always revealing all the cases. I think it is in us, the people to be more sensitive of the issue and aware of it.”
Nino, Economist, 24