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Possible third attack on Russian spies

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, November 16
It looks like the hunting season for Russian spies continues in Georgia. Following the successful conclusion of special operation 'Enver' by the Georgian counter intelligence department, preparations are underway to launch a third attack on the Russian special agents' network here in Georgia. Interior Minister, Vano Merabishvili stated that there are some more networks in the country spying against Georgia and the counter espionage department is working constantly to uncover the agents. Minister Merabsihvili sees two major reasons for the Russian agents activities here in Georgia. Firstly in 1989 when the collapse of the Soviet Union was inevitable soviet special forces (KGB) removed the lists of its KGB agents from Georgia all the archive material and this material is the best way to activate agents network in Georgia. The second argument is that Georgia was the only republic in the former Soviet Union bordering a NATO country - Turkey and therefore special services were precisely very active here in Georgia. Shevardnadze could not conduct active work to reveal Russian spies here in Georgia as he, himself was communist leader, a former member of the politburo, first communist party secretary of Georgia and the minister of Interior of Georgia. Only after the Rose Revolution of 2003, did Georgia practically start combating Russian agents. The first wave of arrests of Russian spies took place in 2006; several Russian military servicemen were arrested and later handed over to Russian government. Moscow reacted bitterly closing down transport links between the countries, deporting several thousand Georgians from Russia, banning Georgian agricultural products, wine, mineral water and so on. Russia's anger was determined by two facts, first Georgia very openly promoted the detention of Russian spies and secondly Moscow was insulted that such a small country as Georgia dared to openly confront and reveal Russian spies.

During the last period of 21st century many Russian agents were uncovered in different countries; tension between Georgia and Russia reached a peak when Russia invaded Georgia in 2008. But Georgia continues combating Russian spies. Georgian Special Forces carried out serious and substantial work to reveal Russian spies, so that no-one doubted that they actually were real spies and the claims against them were not alleged. The Georgian counter espionage department carried out a very professional, high level operation so that nobody could think that this was the provocation as Russians are labeling.

With the arrest of the Russian spies some analysts express their concern that the witch hunt should not turn into a hunting of opposition members. The ruling administration has mentioned several times that some opposition members are closely connected with the Russian special service, but in this case real proof and evidences are needed. So society waits in suspense for the next wave of spies to be uncovered and there are no guarantees that no-one from the opposition will be accused of cooperating with Russian special services.