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Which do you consider as the real opposition party?

Tuesday, November 16
Well, first of all I say that sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate whether a party is governmental or oppositional, as there are some opposition parties in the country that are acting under the government’s will. I think that the real opposition is the newly founded Georgian Party, as there are people who are really against the present authorities.
Giorgi, Sociologist, 32

I don’t think that the parliamentary opposition is a real opposition, as they frequently do things which are in the interests of the present authorities. I support Irakli Alasania and his political team; I consider them as the real opposition.
Tamar, Teacher, 29

In my opinion, a real opposition does not mean to criticise the authorities all the time and hold street rallies. If there is a real opposition in a country, the authorities cannot take control on almost every direction. The present situation in the country shows that we have no real opposition.
Nodar, Economist, 43

It is a question I have been asking myself before every parliamentary election and I still have no definite answer unfortunately. I think the Republican Party is more or less credible. All others are Saakashvili’s allies in my opinion.
Guja, Engineer, 46

I think that the only opposition party which has proved to be a genuine opponent of the ruling party is Shalva Natelashvili’s Labour Party. Although Natelashvili and his fellow party members might seem a bit eccentric, I think they are the only opposition politicians who really do something for people.
Leila, Nurse, 55

I trust Irakli Alasania. His Party’s policy and statements are moderate – this is what I like most of all. They don’t make sensational, loud statements, but do a lot to change things for better in the country, for example to change the election code. I think this should be appreciated.
Natia, Lawyer, 25

I don’t actually think there is any political party worth to be trusted in Georgia – none of them have proved their abilities to society yet.
Giorgi, Economist, 28

Well I have never thought about this issue before. Still I think the National Forum has always been very encouraging and convincing with their promises given to people. I hope they will succeed in introducing their ideas to public even in future.
Tsotne, Sportsman, 22

The real opposition is generally the group of people motivated mainly against the faulty Government on behalf of the entire nation. I think the Labour Party has most proved their dignity but still they are also making mistakes sometimes... The only thing I would say is that a real opposition is among the most important principles for a democratic society and I think our politicians should think of unity.
Salome, Teacher, 49