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Russia in cynical mood

By Messenger Staff
Friday, November 26
Russia is continuing its stubborn and arrogant approach to the situation in Georgia. After President Saakashvili stated publicly on the non use of force in conflict resolution and declared his country’s readiness to start dialogue with Russia, Russian officials made a statement with the utmost cynical content. It stated: 'Mikheil Saakashvili tries to convince the international community that there exists a conflict between Russia and Georgia. However we should talk about the long conflict between Tbilisi and the peoples of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.' So, Moscow tries shamelessly to convince the world that it is not Russia which occupies Georgian territory, that it is not Russia which illegally distributed Russian passports to the Georgian population, that it is not Russia which under the cover of peacekeeping operations conducted the annexation of Georgian territories, that it is not Russia that organized military provocations, shooting at peaceful villages which eventually force Georgia to try and restore constitutional order in its territory.

The recent victory for Georgian diplomacy both at NATO summit or Euro parliament really annoyed Moscow and forced it to yet another time confirm its imperialistic character. Of course the Kremlin does not like to be labeled as an occupier and that is why it is desperately trying to present Georgia and its breakaway regions as conflicting sides, trying to cheat the world that it is not Moscow and Tbilisi who are confronting each other but Tbilisi and Tskhinvali and Tbilisi and Sokhumi. That is why the Kremlin hastily recognized the independence of the so called countries trying to impose this trick on the world as a new reality, permanently claiming that in the south Caucasus there are not three but five countries already.

The Putin-Medvedev tandem was short-sighted to think that they would deceive the world and blackmail it and secure the recognition by many countries of the illegal puppet regimes. However it failed and more and more the international community is acknowledging that Russia is an occupier which illegally occupies 1/5 of one of its neighboring country’s territories. That is why Moscow tries to prove stubbornly that it has no conflict with Tbilisi and it has only protected ‘friendly nations’ from Georgian aggression. Inspired by the Kremlin, separatist regimes also started criticizing not only Georgia but the west as well, which according to them, again prompted by Russia, supports Georgia launching another aggression.

Despite the fact that president Saakashvili is going to send official letters to the UN, OSCE and EU leadership about Georgia’s intention not to resolve the conflict militarily, Russia still demands an agreement to be signed between Georgia and Abkhazia and South Ossetia on the non-resumption of military hostilities. The signing of the document would automatically mean that Georgia indirectly recognizes these territories as independent entities which is absolutely unacceptable for Georgia.

The Kremlin also ignores Georgia’s readiness to conduct dialogue with Moscow. Fortunately enough Georgia is receiving more and more international understanding of this problem and there are almost no countries around the world which believe and trust Moscow’s tricky manipulations. Only countries like Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru sold their honesty for a certain price to Russia and recognized the puppet entities.