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Friday, November 26
France calls on Russia to respond to Georgia`s peace initiative

Paris is officially upholding the peace initiative of President Saakashvili and calls on Tbilisi and Moscow to resume dialogue.

The news agency GHN was informed from the Embassy of France the initiative of Saakashvili was received warmly by Michael Alio-Mari, State Minister of France, Foreign and European Affairs Minister: "France welcomes the obligations taken by the Georgian President in Strasbourg before the EP on Tuesday about the non use of force in taking control of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and against the Russian Army's presence, "- the declaration reads. At the same time, France defends Saakashvili in his readiness to negotiate with Russia. "Such obligations are the steps forward for the establishment of peace in the Caucasus, "- the document reads. In this context, France calls all parties in the Geneva negotiations to trust this peaceful initiative; to free the prisoners and to allow the free movement of international observers throughout all territories of Georgia." France again called for Russia to fulfill its obligations taken in August and September of 2008 and Paris also wants Georgia and Russia to resume dialogue. France has always respected the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia within the internationally recognized borders, "- the statement reads. (GHN)

New temporary commission to watch developments in Sochi

A new temporary commission will be formed at the parliament of Georgia, which will be in charge of watching the developments in Sochi, which is preparing for 2014 Winter Olympics. The commission will have to work with international organizations in order to force Russia to meet all requirements of the International Olympic Committee (ICO).

The parliamentary committee of sports and youth affairs says that they do not aim to disrupt the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, but to force Russia to act in accordance with the terms and rules of IOC and protect ecological security norms in Abkhazia, where Russia is obtaining inert materials.

Russia is constructing 11 new hotels in Sochi. (Rustavi 2)

Communication Network Moves To New Numbering System

A communications network has moved to a new numbering system as of yesterday.

The Head of Information Technology and Innovation Department Irakli Kashibadze spoke about the process which he believes will be fully launched by December 2010.

The law "On the national numbering system of electronic communications networks" will come into effect from November 25.

According to Kashibadze, the telephone system in Tbilisi will move from a six to a seven numbering system, and in the regions – from five digits to six.

In the codes of mobile operators, the first number "8" will be replaced by "5".

Throughout Georgia special services will have the following numbers: fire service - 111, emergency-112, emergency medical assistance – 113 and patrol police -122. (Prime-News)

Teachers’ Professional Development Scheme Presentation Held on November 25

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dmitry Shashkini, has introduced the Teachers’ Professional Scheme to the teachers.

Prime-News was told about it at the Education Ministry.

A presentation of the Teachers’ Professional Scheme was held on November 25 at the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. The document was developed by the experts of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development and concerns the standards of teachers’ professional development within the Georgian education system.

The aim of the scheme is to support teachers’ professional development. After taking certification exams, teachers are able to take steps in pursuit of career growth. (Prime-News)

MPs approve new ambassador to US

After a unanimous vote, Temur Iakobashvili has been approved as Georgia`s ambassador to the U.S. Georgian MPs voted for his candidacy at the parliament's sitting on Wednesday.

Prior to that, Iakobashvili answered the opposition's questions. He talked about his strategy and the priorities he foresees in carrying out the role of ambassador.

Temur Iakobashvili is going to assume his office from the next year. (Rustavi 2)

Procedures for getting passports to be eased

Procedures for getting passports for Georgians living abroad is going to be made easier. They will be able to use the service of the Civil Registry Agency of Georgia via internet.

The project was discussed on Wednesday in the parliamentary committee for relations with compatriots living abroad and legal issues.

MPs think the novelty would significantly help citizens to save time as well as money. (Rustavi 2)