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What do you think of the new wave of rallies in Tbilisi and do you support them?

Friday, November 26
“I think this rally will become an important step forward to achieving the goals defined by society. I welcome the oppositional unity around the people’s interests and I hope we will manage to overcome all obstacles on our way to success.”
Elene, Doctor, 29

“Well actually there have been so many waves of rallies in our country but I don’t remember them achieving any particular goals… The President of Georgia has been so competent in his foreign trips during the week that the whole of Europe is encouraging him to build up democracy in Georgia.”
Davit, Musician, 54

“There is no sense in holding rallies in our country because everything remains the same in Georgia. I mean people are opposing the Governmental decisions but finally get used to them. I hope the new wave of rallies would unite the Georgian oppositional spectrum and strengthen them for achieving legal success at the next elections in the country.”
Tina, Teacher, 32

“I guess nobody believes that Saakashvili will have any reaction to those rallies. He survived November 7, 2007 and I believe he will survive this one too. The opposition is not strong enough to shatter Misha. I don’t support them, as far as I know that the rallies bring no results in Georgia any more.”
Ineza, unemployed, 56

“I was doubtful about the need of starting a new wave of rallies but after I heard about the plans of the government to increase tariffs on water and fees on municipal transport, I fully support the demonstrations now.”
Medea, pensioner, 71

“Of course I support, however I am not sure what the results of these rallies will be. I hope that the opposition will show unity this time and stand strong together. Otherwise there will be no change in Georgia.”
Irma, doctor, 26

To be honest I am really revolted with the later decisions of the authorities concerning increasing of tariffs. We have to live in extremely hard economic conditions. I have never been on a street rally; however I would participate in one.
Liana, Teacher, 41

I went Rustaveli Avenue at that time; by chance and I was really excited, as I did not expect so many people there. It is a fact that some serious wave is starting and the authorities should make sensible steps not to irritate the citizens any more.
Gega, Musician, 29

I don’t support street rallies. I don’t think that they will change anything in the country positively.
Gia, Manager, 31