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What do you think holding the 2015 Europe’s Youth Olympic Festival in Tbilisi will bring for the country?

Wednesday, December 1
I was really surprised by the decision. It is a sign that those countries that voted for Georgia as the host country (as far as I remember there were more than 30 countries) believe in that Georgia is ready to host such events, which is the greatest trust and responsibility. I am really happy with this decision.
Natia, Marketing manager, 31

I am very proud that we will host the festival in 2015. This will improve Georgia’s international image and role. I hope that apart from this, our sportsmen will be successful during the festival.
Nodar, Basketball player, 23

It will increase the country’s income; from the economic and tourism point of view it is a very nice and profitable decision for Georgia. However, by that time, Tbilisi and the whole country must be more prepared for the event.
Temur, Economist, 52

First of all, I think that this is a sign of the appreciation for Georgian sportsmen who were and are performing successfully in the field. Georgia is a small country, but we have serious achievements in sport. Also, tourists and foreigners will visit the country and it is very important for our country’s prestigious growth.
Gela, Writer, 43

I am more interested in what Georgia conceded for this decision. If Georgia agreed to the Winter Olympic games going ahead in Sochi in exchange for hosting the youth Olympic festival in Tbilisi, this will be a very unacceptable decision for me.
Giorgi, Businessman, 33

More people will hear about Georgia and it is very important for us, because in foreign countries not many people know where Tbilisi is. This is a big pity, because Georgia can offer a lot of interesting, unique things to foreigners.
Tsitsi, Bank Operator, 24

I think we will spend more money than we will earn from the event. However it is still nice to host a sports competition here in Tbilisi. It makes us proud.
Grigol, Pensioner, 67

I think because of this event, our government will do more to make Tbilisi a nice city. I absolutely welcome this and look forward to 2015. I hope everything will be fine in Georgia by that time.
Lasha, Student, 21

It is very important for making Georgia and Tbilisi in particular more popular all over the world. That’s what the international sports competitions are for.
Nia, Unemployed, 28