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Do you think the rights of Georgian businessmen are fully protected?

Monday, December 6
I think the business sector needs further improvement in Georgia because there are definitely people doing business in large, medium and small businesses but still I think they have more failures annually than profit which points out the fact that they are not well-enough protected from business risks.
Shalva, Economist, 44

I doubt that anyone’s rights are actually being protected in Georgia. I mean there are so many violations of law from the Government which are renovated systematically by our authorities that I can only guess how much in fines our poor businessmen have to pay each month…
Elene, Interpreter, 28

Not just businessmen but hardly anyone’s rights are protected in Georgia nowadays. Our country has become the property of foreign investors bribed by our President. I wonder what they have seen in him so attractive that they can blindly follow his words and believe his every phrase. I just wish that everything in my country would return to normal standards of living and people could feel happy!
Eka, Doctor, 49

I think that compared to previous years, businessmen in Georgia are in much a better condition. So it would be unjust to criticise the government for being too bad to entrepreneurs. There are some problems of course, but none of them are so grave and severe.
Irakli, Shop owner, 53

I am a pensioner and don’t have any access to business circles or entrepreneurs here, however I have a feeling that nobody in this country is enjoying full freedom. So I guess nor are our businessmen exception. I think our leadership should do more and speak less.
Alexandre, Pensioner, 71

It is hard to talk about the full protection of someone’s rights. Even in the most advanced democracies it is hard to reach 100 percent protection of rights; however I think Georgia is not among the list of the countries with the least free environment for businessmen. I think we are in a transition period and I think with the cooperation of the government and the private sector things will improve day by day.
Davit, Engineer, 49

It is really funny, I can’t imagine a sensible man in Georgia, who considers that businessmen's rights are fully protected. If their rights are protected, businesses would not be in such hard conditions.
Giorgi, Economist, 32

I think that some positive steps have been made by the Georgian authorities for business development in the country. It is really difficult to improve such a serious thing in a day; business development needs time and assistance. In, general, I think that their rights are protected.
Tamar, Housewife, 42

Their rights are not protected, I think. The only successful businessmen in the country are those related with the authorities or the officials that back that business. For some others, a lot of obstacles are created so they fail.
Davit, Businessman, 36