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Should Georgia recognise the Circassian genocide?

Tuesday, December 7
Well, I think that Georgia should recognise it as a genocide really took place regarding the Circassians. On the other hand, I think that the Caucasian Countries should be closer to one another and act in accordance.
Giorgi, Historian, 42

I think this step will worsen Georgian-Russian relations once more. The Georgian authorities should realise that playing with Russia is too dangerous. We have already seen the results of this and I have no desire to see it again.
Tamar, Teacher, 33

I am not a politician and I am not familiar with political logics and the situation. Our authorities and the parliament should act based on the interests of the Georgian people. I think that the Russians have committed the greatest crime against Caucasian nations, but at the present moment, we should act carefully.
Tinatin, Linguist, 56

I think that Georgia had quite a fruitful month in November through the various international summits and debates around the world where our Government was successful. Thatís why I think we had better keep away from more confrontation with Russia at least for a while and try not to annoy them.
Misha, Driver, 34

I think we would better mind our own business. I donít think it will be wise to start teasing Russia. Letís try to get Abkhazia and South Ossetia back with peaceful means. We have seen already that we canít reunite with Sukhumi and Tkshinvali with bloodshed. So letís be patient and peaceful.
Mariam, Doctor, 35

Honestly, I have not heard about the Circassian genocide so I donít really know whether we should recognise it or not. I just heard the Georgian authorities are planning to recognise it. I guess they know more than I do about this issue, so letís leave it up to them.
Keti, Student, 23

If Russia continues its aggression against us, we should at least fight against them ideologically. I think it would be the right decision to recognise the Circassian genocide. People of the Caucasus should stand side-by-side in order to survive the big Northern neighbour.
Temuri, Pensioner, 67

I guess it will be a wrong step. Do we want to make Russia angry? We donít. So I would suggest our government refrain from making any steps without thinking at least once, if not twice. We, ordinary people are the biggest victims of the quarrels between the governments of the countries.
Maya, Interpreter, 26