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Wednesday, December 8
Mikheil Saakashvili to give Speech in Mexico

President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili has left for Mexico, where he will deliver a speech at the international Global Climate Change conference, according to a statement made during a briefing on December 7 by the president’s press speaker Manana Manjgaladze.

According to Manjgaladze, Saakashvili will head a Round Table on December 9. Other meetings are also planned during the visit.

The UNFCCC conference began on November 29, in Cancun, Mexico. The event is held under the aegis of the UN. Representatives from 193 countries will participate in the forum and discuss issues of global climate policy.

The conference will be wrapped up on December 10. (Prime-News)

High Georgian Living Standards in... 2020

Chief scientist of the Centre of European Political Analysis CEPA, Edward Lucas, published the forecast of 2020 World political tendencies according to which, by the year 2020 Georgia will still be knocking at the EU door, but it will be hard to refuse the claim due to the higher living standards than in some EU states and the highly-efficient Government of the country. By 2020 Georgia and Azerbaijan will still be in the focus of America.

“Oil and Israel will guarantee that the U.S. impact will remain in the East Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. The struggle will proceed with variable success results with China more than with Russia. The European energy market will presumably be in good condition. Russia’s monopoly over gas provision from East to West will remain in the dim past. The serious reason for concern will be Russian weakness not its power,” Lucas says.

He forecasts Russia’s position will fall by 2020, though the country will still pose a threat against its neighbours.

Lucas also talks about the weakening trend of NATO. If the Alliance headquarters and High Commands of European partners still exist, it will be a contracted form of the body.

“The Afghan War has been a test for the Alliance. If it isn’t able to conduct military actions in remote countries, then it isn’t worth spending the sums allocated. The European NATO members haven’t been able to pass the test – this is a far more significant fiasco for them,” Lucas says. (Interpressnews)

Georgia-Turkey Report on Cultural Monuments

A Georgia-Turkey joint report will be signed on Georgia-located Turkish cultural monuments and Turkey-situated Georgian ones, according to a statement made during yesterday’s usual briefing by Deputy Foreign Minister, Nino Kalandadze.

A 4-person delegation of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism visited Georgia on December 5.

“We have a number of disputable issues especially concerning our national monuments. After the working groups have discussed them, the report will be signed,” Kalandadze said.

“The document will be ratified very soon. It will consider Georgia’s national interests, otherwise agreement won’t be reached,” stated the Deputy Minister. (Interpressnews)

Texas IEC president invited to Georgia by MES

President and Executive Director of Texas International Education Consortium, Ronald Aqua is paying an official visit to Georgia.

In the frame of the visit, Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkin met Mr. Aqua. The aim of the meeting was to deepen cooperation between Georgian Higher Educational Institutions and 32 Universities of the Association. Establishing a Black Sea Technical University was also discussed at the meeting.

Texas International Education Consortium currently comprises 32 universities; it was established in 1985. The consortium cooperates worldwide in such in-demand fields as education, IT, health and the environment. During the collaboration, FIEC focused on student mobility, capacity building and global positioning. (Rustavi 2)

GR offers pay box service to passengers

Georgian Railway offers new service to passengers - from now on, clients will be able to buy train tickets to any direction at 500 pay boxes throughout Georgia.

Passengers will no longer have to stand in queues at railway booking offices. The ticket booking service will be available at any pay box, where payment of communal taxes is possible.

Georgian Railway has signed a corresponding contract with Nova Technologies Company.

The first passenger, who bought a ticket from pay box yesterday, was presented by the GR representatives. (Rustavi 2)