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Wednesday, December 8
Alasania’s open letter to the President

24 hours writes that opposition representative and the leader of the Free Democrats, Irakli Alasania has written an open letter to President Saakashvili about the conditions in villages near administrative border of South Ossetia.

“I am addressing you to bring to your attention, together with the whole of Georgia, the conditions people are living in near the administrative border villages in the conflict zone,” Alasania writes. He says that because of the abnormal conditions many locals have left the villages. “Over several days, I met with people from more than 20 villages. These people do not have access to medical items and as they do not have enough wood for the winter, they are cutting down trees in their own gardens and orchards. They do not have drinking water or an irrigation water supply,” the letter reads. Alasania calls on the president and government to allocate a minimum of GEL 15 million from the reserve fund to help those people in conflict zone villages.

New staff at Georgia’s Disease Control Centre

Georgia’s Health Minister, Sandro Urushadze introduced the new heads of Georgia’s Disease Control Centre on December 7, 24 hours reports. The Institution will be led by Nata Avaliani, who was the Chairperson of the US NGO – International Healthcare Union. She has planned and conducted projects in the public healthcare sector. Her Deputies will be George Kandelaki, Emori University Professor and Maia Butsashvili, New York University Docent. The Minister states that the team will be able to handle the tasks of the Centre. Former director Paata Imnadze will head the Scientific Council of the Institution.

According to Urushadze, Georgia’s Disease Control Centre will also undergo personnel optimisation.

Newly-appointed Nata Avaliani and Maia Butsashvili didn’t attend the presentation. They were unable to reach Georgia because of the poor weather conditions in Europe.

“The reorganisation of the centre aims at improving management and fighting basic problems in this sector more effectively,” the Minister said.