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In your opinion, by what means can Georgia and Georgians attract foreign visitors (tourists) most effectively?

Tuesday, December 21
We have a lot of means to attract foreign visitors, from our natural conditions to our human relations. Georgia and Caucasian countries in general are interesting to the rest world; the reason for this, in my opinion is our unique traditions and geographic position.
Nina, actress, 34

I think that the foreign tourists particularly admire our historical and cultural inheritance; they search for antiquity that is why most of them are interested in all districts, old towns and traditional elements and so on.
Gia, Archeologist, 45

It is difficult to say something concretely, as each person, tourist and visitor differs from one another. There are tourists who are keen on our nature, there are others interested in our traditions and customs and there are some fond of our people. In general, we have all the means to attract visitors. We have always attracted foreign people, even enemies among them.
Gela, Historian, 61

I think it is our unique nature, picturesque landscapes, delicious food, good wine and, of course, open hearted people. A lot of people love our folk songs and dances. Are all these things not enough to attract a foreign tourist?
Keti, housewife, 43

I think they like our beautiful landscapes, plus they like that living here is cheaper than anywhere in Europe. So they come and stay for lets say a month and spend less than they would spend in their home country. A beautiful country for a cheap price is very attractive I guess.
Irakli, web designer, 24

I think they are attracted by warm hearted and open people. It is very rare in the contemporary world to have a neighbour who is almost always ready to help and be by your side when you are in need. In Georgia, it is something very common. I think they like Georgian people most of all and once they see the country, they keep coming back. It is so nice.
Maiko, student, 19