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What do you think about Georgia’s mountainous regions? What has been and should be done for their development and their use from a tourism and economic viewpoint?

Monday, January 10
"I think that Georgian mountainous regions have a great tourist potential, as foreign tourists are fond of different and beautiful natural environments. At the same time, they are interested in different traditions. From this point of view, Georgian mountainous regions, where our traditions and customs are being especially protected, will be very much attractive for foreigners and this fact will positively affect our economy."
Nona, Economist, 36

"I think that some positive steps have been made for the development of Georgia’s mountainous regions. I especially mean the Svaneti region. However, there are no less beautiful and unfortunately forgotten mountainous regions. I am from Khevsureti, I no longer live there, as my family left the region long ago, however I visit my home every summer and think that this area has great potential and needs attention, as old Kvevsurian houses and some other sites need to be protected. We should pay attention to our areas not only for foreign tourists, but mainly for ourselves since they are our treasures."
Davit, Painter, 29

"Generally, Georgian regions are being forgotten and people living there, those who are still living there I mean, since a lot of locals left the regions due to bad conditions, are left without assistance. I think that Georgian mountainous regions should be the main priority for the authorities. At the same time, those regions’s development would be significant for our economic and tourism advancement and first of all, we will manage to protect and develop our greatest historical and cultural inheritances."
Giorgi, Historian, 56

“Georgia has a wonderful tourism potential due to its amazing regions – surrounded by mountains, the Black and Caspian seas. Full of cultural inheritances, Georgia remains among the most attractive destinations of visitors for so many years. Despite all the political mistakes made by President Mikheil Saakashvili the only thing he and his team have managed to improve has been tourism opportunities. Attracting foreign investors and putting money into creating modern infrastructure, Georgia has managed to stand along with the European and Asian states with its unforgettable places.”
Anna, Dentist, 28

“There are lots of challenges for Georgia at the international level – I mean our country has become the subject of great interest for both investors and tourists but the Georgian Government should be very careful with their activities and fully take control over the situation to avoid any danger for “losing” our beloved territories, not by military force but though economical blackmail.”
Nodar, Sociologist, 35

“I don’t think Georgian mountainous regions can ever become as popular as the ones in Switzerland for example, however we can target the tourists who are not able to pay too much for their winter holidays. I think if the prices are moderate and the service is really good, Georgian mountainous winter resorts could become a favorite destination of tourists.”
Natia, lawyer, 25

“I fully support Saakashvili’s decision to develop winter tourism in Georgia. We have wonderful places which are still unexplored by Georgian or foreign tourists. I am hearing very positive comments from the locals in Mestia, because they now will have profit not only from summer tourism, but from winter tourism as well. This is very important for the people, since tourism is almost their only source of income.”
Kristina, web designer, 29