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Turkey increasing military budget

By Messenger Staff
Friday, January 14
In 2011, Turkey is planning to spend money on creating and purchasing different types of armaments worth USD 4.5 bln. This is 10% more than in 2010. Altogether, the Turkish defence budget comes to USD 11.3 bln and it complies with 5.4% of the total budget of the country and 1.4% of GDP. In 2011, Turkey is planning to purchase a hundred units of destroyers of V generation F – 35, 30 planes of F 16 type and 6 modern submarines of U – 296 type as well as combat and transport helicopters.

Turkey also plans to create an efficient anti missile system which is very expensive. Turkey is also building up its own tanks and plans to purchase different types of boats, armoured vehicles and drones.

The Turkish government thinks that the country’s geopolitical and strategic location justifies the country’s increasing defense expenses.