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Former Ombudsman sends letter to international organisations

By Messenger Staff
Friday, January 14
One of the leaders of the Georgian Party, Sozar Subari (former Ombudsman), is sending a special appeal to the international organizations and diplomatic missions accredited in Georgia and calls on them to respond.

Subari introduced the letter yesterday where he underlines that the protest of the veterans was taking place in accordance with Georgian law on the right of assembly and expression, but the people who physically insulted and detained the demonstrators were dressed as civilians, making it impossible to identify them.

According to the statement, Subari says that the judge’s decision was based on the testimony by police officers and refused to be introduced to the video footage, showing that the detainees didn’t commit any illegal actions; furthermore, the demonstrators were verbally and physically abused.

”President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili speaks much about freedom, democracy and modernization on international arenas, foreign newspapers or in interviews. He is often mentioned as a reforming leader, trying to turn the retarded country into a European one. But to my mind, European orientation must be first of all expressed in attitude towards citizens, loyalty to the supremacy of law, respecting human rights and the freedom and dignity of a person,” Subari stated

He says that facts of police misusing their rights are systematic. Subari says that the reaction of the international commonwealth is one of the main factors that the Georgian government takes into consideration.

”This is proved by the fact that, after U.S. Ambassador John Bass unilaterally condemned the crackdown of veterans, the Georgian MIA released a special statement about dismissing one policeman for misusing his rights,” the former ombudsman’s statement reads.