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Friday, January 14
Religious Complex of Moscow Patriarchy to be Constructed in Bichvinta

A religious complex of the Moscow patriarchy will be constructed in Bichvinta, Abkhazia, according to priest Iakob Krotov’s article, published by the web site

Krotov’s article is about Russian patriarch Kyrill’s activity, namely his racist comments and attitude. The article reads that trees were cut down in the territory of a protected woodland, 24 Hours reports.

‘The President’s department declared that they didn’t cut down any trees, though American Google photos prove the contrary. Unfortunately, the most important thing is that nobody has questioned the construction,’ the priest writes.

Priest Iakob comments Patriarch Kyrill’s statements that ‘40% of crimes are committed in Russia by immigrants’.

‘The Patriarch said these words addressing priests on 22 December. Is this justified by the fact that the statement was a quotation? The Patriarch relied on the information from the head of Moscow MIA. No it doesn’t justify his actions. Even if authorities state the truth, you must not repeat everything’, the article reads.

Representatives of ‘Free Georgia’ Filed a Complaint in the Ministry of Accommodation

The process of refugees’ eviction starts on 22 October in Tbilisi, 24 Hours reports.

Representatives of the Abkhazian organization of the political movement ‘Free Georgia’ filed a complaint in the Ministry of Accommodation and demanded cessation of the refugees’ eviction. 18 refugees from 14 locations signed the complaint.

As they told journalists, the eviction notes were delivered to refugees without seals and signatures and this process doesn’t take place on a voluntary basis.

Representatives of Free Georgia demand from the Ministry to orally discuss the complaint and inform the people concerned.

The Ministry is offering houses to refugees in the villages of Abasha, Khobi, Zugdidi, Tsalenjikha and Kakheti.

Irakli Tsikoria states that the entities offered by the ministry are mainly former school and kindergarten compounds, and conditions are unbearable.

Representatives of the international relations department of the Ministry of Accommodation Yulia Kharashvili told journalists that the process of eviction is in compliances with international organizations and the state has no right to provide housing to all refugees in Tbilisi.