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How do you think, will business council bring positive moves in business development direction in the country?

Friday, January 14
I thought there was a business chamber in our country because I happened to attend some business meetings… Well I hope it will help deepen Georgia’s business potential and encourage the sector with innovations.
Irma, Journalist, 24

Everything in the whole world needs promotion, especially in Georgia. I think it would be very nice if a group of people (mainly businessmen) gather to discuss more problematic issues and initiate positive changes in the development of local business.
Keti, Lawyer, 28

I fully welcome this initiative and hope that a flexible mechanism will be found for the group working on the issue. We need new ideas and healthy suggestions in our legislation because business along with tourism and other “popular” fields could develop Georgian infrastructure and make our country one of the best destinations for visitors.
Malkhaz, Driver, 44

Well, I think that it was a good decision. I consider Bakradze as a good politician and believe in his initiatives. Some positive changes have been made lately for business development in the country; I hope that the council will contribute positively for this reason.
Zurab, Lawyer, 28

To be honest, I took this initiative as funny and useless. It is cheating people and nothing more. The authorities are terrorizing business, if they want to improve something, there is no need for some councils. However, the authorities need businessmen only to finance their projects and pre election campaigns; this is the main reason why business is not developing in our country.
Davit, Sociologist, 43

It is difficult to say something from the beginning, however I can not see anything bad in the initiative. Just see, if it does not work accordingly it will stop its activity, but I think that the council will assist business development in the country.
Nona, Manager, 31