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Law enforcement structures biggest employers in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, January 17
The number of employees hired by the state structures is continuing to decrease. In 2010, there were 976 people employed in Tbilisi City Hall whereas in 2011 their number decreased to 736. The same trend is evident in regards to the City Council, where the number of employees was cut from 240 to 200. The leader of the Green Party Giorgi Gachechiladze provided some interesting figures. Out of the around 100 000 people who receive salaries from the central budget, 74 000 people work in the law enforcement bodies- Ministry of Defence, Interior Ministry and other similar bodies. For the purposes of financing these salaries, the budget allots GEL 1.4 bln while the funds allocated towards the pensioners’ allowances for vulnerable people, those under the poverty line as well as veterans stand at GEL 1.3 bln. The conclusion of the Greens leader is very pessimistic. According to him, the state structures need to have a better control of the situation in the country.