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Tuesday, March 1
Saakashvili: Russia will have to change sooner or later

Russia will have to change sooner or later, said Georgia’s President Saakashvili in his interview with Lithuanian edition Valstybe, 24 Hours reports. In response to the question of why does he think the Russian government will agree to dialogue, Saakashvili said that certain changes are already evident. It is obvious, not only in connection with the relations with Poland but also in the modified tone of other.

“I reckon that Russia is loyal to the post-Soviet space consolidation idea, overall. Primarily, Russia is concerned about Central Asia – Georgia, the Caucasus, Ukraine and Belarus. Other countries and interests follow. Quiet and consecutive aspiration for the goal and no-dialogue policy is a typical step taken by any aggressive high-rank official. Will we be able to persuade Russia of the need for? I don’t know,” Saakashvili added.

Drivers protesting in Rose Revolution Square

24 Hours reports that drivers and former owners of Tbilisi minibuses held a protest rally in Rose Revolution Square yesterday demanding the annulment of the results of the tender conducted by the Tbilisi City Hall and that a new tender be carried out as they allege the original tender was conducted unfairly.

Drivers are afraid they will be fired. In addition, they say passengers’ fares will be increased. Those who agreed to cooperate with the winning transport companies will have to purchase new minibuses and pay additional taxes. Opposition politicians also took part in the protest.

Tbilisi City Hall conducted a tender and revealed the four successful transport companies a few weeks ago.

Foreign Minister to visit Slovakia

Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze will visit Slovakia, announced Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze at a briefing, 24 Hours reports.

Vashadze will meet with his Slovakian counterpart and discuss relations between the two countries. He will also meet foreign ministers of the Eastern Partnership participant countries.

“Progress made within the framework of the Eastern Partnership will be considered,” Kalandadze said.

The Foreign Minister will also deliver a speech the Bratislava Global Security International Forum.