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How should difficult social problems be overcome?

Tuesday, March 1
“There are lots of ways for overcoming social problems in any country with normal legislation and projects but Georgia has failed in everything. Words are not enough for overcoming the obstacles; I think the Government should implement a wise course against the crisis. They may definitely consider the experiences of other countries but I strongly recommend they consider local conditions and challenges.”
Irma, Historian, 32

“Well I think systemic changes should be made within each ministry. We should start developing through change. I mean every successful country was once poor. But there are several steps before one can achieve fame. Thank God Georgia has wonderful agricultural opportunities to produce local products for internal use as well as international benefit. That’s why no one approves of the projects carried out by the Georgian Government.”
Levan, Pensioner, 68

“I don’t think it is an issue that can be solved overnight. There should be a consistent state strategy and of course a political will to tackle social problems existing in the country. Otherwise we will always have same problems or the situation might even deteriorate as time goes by.”
Dima, PhD student, 27

“I am not a specialist on this issue, but first of all the state budget should be spent on this purpose and not be used by the authorities for their personal needs. As soon as this happens, we will feel relief.”
Khatia, Unemployed, 38

“Social problems cannot be overcome by distributing vouchers to the population. Social problems should be solved by opening new factories, by creating new jobs. None of this is done currently, that’s why more than half of the population is experiencing severe financial problems.”
Eka, Cashier, 40

“Well, it is the problem of the whole world at the present moment, which also makes its influence on Georgia. I know one thing; the current authorities must not try to fill the country budget by increasing prices in the country, as in my mind, this will create more serious problems.”
Zurab, Writer, 32

“The main problem of our authorities is that they make decisions at the last moment. There are products which should not be imported, as Georgia has natural means within the country to produce that product successfully. For years, nothing serious has been done for agricultural development, which would have solved a lot of the problems Georgia is currently facing. One of the solutions is the development of the country's agriculture.”
Teona, Biologist, 45

“Business development and attracting investment into the country will be one of the main real solutions. Business should be supported practically and not verbally as currently happens.”
Gia, Businessman, 35