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Tuesday, March 8
Tbilisi content with Philip Gordon’s declaration

“Philip Gordon’s declaration once again expresses the US position that the US supports Georgian territorial integrity and sovereignty,” official Tbilisi said in response to Philip Gordon’s declaration.

The MFA of Georgia said it is very important that USA often talks about Georgian problems. Sergi Kapanadze, Deputy MFA said the idea is developed long before at higher levels in the White House.

“It is so important that this position is frequently expressed as well in official talks with the Russian Federation. This declaration is seen as support for the territorial integrity of Georgia and state sovereignty; the US upholds the de-occupation of Georgia,” Kapanadze said.

Philip Gordon commented that the US respects Georgian sovereignty and territorial integrity. “We consider that Russia violates all this in respect of the Republic of Georgia. We are not satisfied with this situation and we will make every effort to change the existing situation,” Philip Gordon said in his speech at the Global Security conference in Bratislava.

In respect of the US strategy for Georgia he said his aim is to make Georgia an attractive state for S.O. and Abkhazia; as result these regions will want to rejoin Georgia.

Swedish Ambassador visits Kutaisi

The Ambassador of Sweden to Georgia is on a 2-day visit to Imereti region. In Kutaisi the ambassador met with the Imereti Governor, the Kutaisi Mayor and other representatives of local authorities to discuss the economic reforms and development of tourist infrastructure carried out in the region.

A cooperation memorandum might soon be signed between Kutaisi and a Swedish city.

Microbal contamination found in water

Microbal contamination was discovered in potable water of 22 eastern Georgian cities including Tbilisi, Rustavi, Borjomi and Akhaltsikhe.

Zaza Gabunia, Christian-Democrat member of the Tbilisi City Assembly presented the 2010 report from the Sanitary and Scientific Research Institute, which states water in 22 cities is contaminated.

Zaza Gabunia is demanding an explanation from the relevant bodies; in particular, he wonders if the water is safe for consumers to drink from an epidemic point of view.

Free Georgia warns drivers of possible provocations

The “Free Georgia” party has warned drivers about possible provocations. Party representatives state that the results of the corrupt minibus tender entered into force on March 1. The completely discriminative conditions of the tender might result in a new protest in the next few days.

Free Georgia has learned that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to prepare a new provocation and arrest the owners of several minibuses.

“We warn the authorities that any such provocation will be considered as political pressure against the participants of demonstration.” party representatives state.
(Prime News)

Labour party voices allegations

The Georgian Labour Party does not trust the investigation into the series of terror attacks which took place in Georgia in 2010 and states that the attacks on the Labour Party’s head office and the US embassy in Tbilisi were organised by the government.

Labour Party members assert that the Georgian Government needs such acts to promote the image of Russia as the enemy in the international arena.
(Rustavi 2)

Georgian arrested for cyber crime

Officers of the Isani-Samgori police division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested Davit Maisuradze, who illegally obtained a customer’s password, enabling him to fraudulently access the Europbet website. He managed to misappropriate 3 340 GEL won by a customer. Law enforcers also detained Giorgi Gaprindashvili for covering up the crime.

The detainees have already pleaded guilty. The investigation is in progress under articles 285, 180 and 376 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Orthodox Lent began yesterday

Lent began yesterday for Orthodox Christians and will end with Easter on April 24. Lent begins 7 weeks prior to Easter and is the most difficult of all the Orthodox fasts. No meat or dairy products are eaten during lent and fish is allowed only on Annunciation Day and Palm Sunday.

All who consider themselves Orthodox Christians must enhance their prayers during lent along with attending mass and receiving the Eucharist frequently.

The basic goal of fasting isn’t the restriction in terms of nutrition; lent first of all implies regret, so that a person should meet Easter appropriately.