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Do you think Georgia should agree to Russia’s WTO entry?

Tuesday, March 8
“I think that eventually Georgia will have to agree. Of course I am not politician and I am not involved in political issues, but I can understand what the powerful countries say. As far as I understand the United States wants to see Russia in the organisation and Georgia will have to share their will.”
Giorgi, Sociologist, 38

“We have not agreed to their participation to the organisation yet, as it seems those conditions which should be satisfied by the Russian side have not been fulfilled. I don’t suppose our authorities will agree to Russia’s entry to WTO.”
Zurab, Bank Employee, 28

“Sooner or later Georgia will have to agree, to my mind, as the most powerful countries support Russian participation in the organisation, as it will be profitable for their interests, as well as for Russia. However Georgia must try its best to profit from the situation and not allow Russia to violate our country’s interests.”
Salome, Economist, 43

“I think it shouldn't. This country makes so many problems for us and creates such terrible boundaries that this rejection could be a wonderful mechanism for Georgia to become an obstacle for Russia's aspiration towards WTO.”
Sophio, Teacher, 25

“It depends on what Russia agrees to do in return. We should get as much benefit as possible from this deal, because we will not have many such chances in the future.”
Sandro, Economist, 30

“It will be a big mistake if Georgian officials make hasty decisions. I do not actually know if any negotiations are possible against the background of Russian occupation in Georgia. In my pinion, the precondition of agreeing to Russia’s WTO accession should be the de-occupation of Georgian territories. But probably this is not a realistic demand.”
Nina, Journalism student

“Does Georgia have any other option other than agreeing? I don’t think so. I guess Washington has done a good job in pressurising Georgia to start talks.”
Kote, Businessman, 44