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Gachechiladze wants to save Georgia’s future

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, March 8
Yesterday Kviris Palitra published an open letter from the Co-founder of Georgian Party, Levan Gachechiladze. Mentioning his responsibility “towards the future of his country” the opposition leader analysed his past mistakes and achievements and defined his future plans and predictions.

Having been a successful businessman Gachechiladze was forced to join the ruling party chaired by the former president, Eduard Shevardnadze in 1999. Becoming aware of the dirt in modern politics the businessman realised that the “Georgian patriotism” of the political authorities was mostly oriented on personal comforts rather than responsibilities towards the people. Recollecting his ten years experience as a member of the opposition Gachechiladze compared the two presidential regimes.

“During Shevardnadze’s presidency I used to fight for Georgia’s better future; now I struggle to save the future of my country,” Gachechiladze said stressing that the restoration of the Georgian statehood would immediately follow his victory. Talking of the “unprecedented trust” the Georgian people and international community had expressed in Mikheil Saakashvili in 2003, the co-founder of Georgian Party wondered how the current President had failed in developing the country.

Analysing the “courageous” steps made by individual political figures Gachechiladze welcomed the “impulsive but precise” decision the opposition had made by uniting against the government. “The Government’s policy based on lies, violence, ignoring human rights and the rejection of Georgian values has caused the mistrust in the President. And despite the difference in their ideologies the opposition parties started street struggle which ended with presidential elections and an “unregistered” victory,” Gachechiladze said referring to his success among the Tbilisi voters in January 2008.

Gachechiladze called Saakashvili’s avoidance of discussing the August War with Russia a “fatal decision” and accused the President of launching the “unequal war with Russia postponing Georgia’s chances for reunification.”

Summarising the activities from 2007 to 2011 the opposition leader spoke of the “peaceful path” the opposition passed for overcoming bloodshed.” He said that the current political regime in Georgia has reached its peak and spoke of “unfair rules of the game” introduced by the authorities. “But I think these are the main lessons we should consider for the future success,” he stated.

Disapproving of Saakashvili’s “anti-Russian histery” and absolute pro-US orientation Gachechiladze highlighted how everything is being done to “discredit” the idea of revolution to introduce political changes in Georgia. “Society is being selected according to their sympathies with Misha. The regime supports those who admire the President,” Gachechiladze said criticising the Government for neglecting the political and socio-economical crises in the country.

Gachechiladze said the current regime achieves success through PR technologies and “simulated” TV reports and encouraged everyone to avoid Saakashvili’s “rod” oriented on the social wave. Aware of the rules of Saakashvili’s regime Gachechiladze said he would be the first to take appropriate steps towards victory.

Political analyst Nika Chitadze talked about the mistakes opposition representatives have made in elections in Georgia over several years. Stressing how insulting and aggressive the opposition has been towards different opinions, Chitadze denied the opposition’s accusations that their opponents had “sold their votes.” “The opposition failed in launching a relevant pre-election campaign to familiarise people with their action plans,” he told The Messenger disapproving of the revolutionary scenario for political change.

“Elections should be the only way to carry out change in the country. The international community has acknowledged the improvements to the election environment in Georgia and the opposition has to give the relevant proof of the falsification,” the analyst told us.

“Increasing political culture among the people will be the foundation for political change. It is not true to claim that people are being selected according to their political views in Georgia. It’s just an attempt to make the opposition a victim by creating a monster from the Government,” Chitadze said criticising Gachechiladze for neglecting the Russian aggression towards our country and accusing the Georgian Government of launching the August war.