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Directions of donors’ money flow in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 18
Georgia is the biggest recipient of international financial aid among post soviet states. In particular, donor money inflow in Georgia increased after the Russian invasion in 2008. During the Brussels conference in 2008 it was decided to allot around USD 4.5 bln financial assistance to carry out different projects. Georgia has already received approximately USD 2 bln. As the Ministry of Finance informs, the received amounts are distributed in different directions. Transport infrastructure, electricity, water supply, the IDPs and so on. All of the donated funds will be consumed in 4-5 years. Analysts suggest that this kind of financial support seriously helped Georgia to avoid massive problems because of the world economic crisis. However some analysts think that generous donation from world financial organizations and different countries were not quite so positive. In a way they softened the economic crisis blow but because the money was not spent rationally it did not have the appropriate affect. There were not a significant number of jobs created, no industry or agriculture was revived in a sufficient manner and as a result the country is facing serious problems.