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Do you agree with the idea of changing the current ruling administration by revolution and would you join in revolutionary activities with the Georgian opposition?

Friday, March 18
“Well, I do not support revolutions at all and think that such a way of changing the authorities is categorically unacceptable, first of all it is very harmful for the country and for its development. I consider that there are more civilized ways of changing of the Government than revolutions.”
Giorgi, Manager, 27

“I do not think that revolution is possible in the country, as a significant number of Georgian people like the current authorities. Herewith, to say the truth, at the present moment I cannot see the alternative force in the country.”
Nugzar, Businessman, 42

“It is a very painful theme, I hope that the current authorities would understand the present hard economic and social conditions of Georgians and think on how the problems might be solved, and otherwise, the threat of revolution really exists in the country.”
Gela, Musician, 54

“In general I am against the idea of a revolution. I think the Government should be changed through the electoral way.”
Nino, Manager, 26

“No I prefer the way we live now! Peace is the most important issue for us nowadays even if it is not as perfect as it is supposed to be.”
Eka, Student, 19

“No I would not join revolution at all! Civilization should finally enter Georgia and in my opinion it’s high time simply to change the Government through healthy elections.”
Keti, Lawyer, 23