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Greens demand nuclear security

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, March 30
The Greens party and its leader, Giorgi Gachechiladze, demand that in the project of Georgia’s National Security Concept that the issue of nuclear safety is given due consideration. The Greens demand that the construction of nuclear power stations or other objects in the Georgian territory, as well as export-import transit, re-export, production, testing and possession of nuclear connected substances on the Georgian territory should be forbidden and that should be distinctly mentioned in the concept. As the Greens Party mentioned in 2007, President Saakashvili was conducting negotiations in France concerning the possibility of constructing a nuclear power plant on Georgian territory. The Greens also think that the biggest threat for Georgia is the possible transit of nuclear substances through Georgia. They also expressed their concern about the Armenian nuclear power plant, asking how it was supplied, presumably from the Russian side. Another crucial question the Greens ask is where is the nuclear waste from the Armenian nuclear power plant being deposited?