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In your opinion how realistic is the threat from the Armenian nuclear power station to Georgia?

Wednesday, March 30
“Well, after this disaster in Japan, I am very much frightened, especially when Armenia is so close. Japan is one of the most developed countries of the world; however its development was useless against the catastrophe. Compared to Japan, Armenia, Georgia and some other post soviet countries are undeveloped and, in the event of a medium sized earthquake such threat exists, to my mind.”
Nona, Housewife, 51

“I did not even know that there was a nuclear station in Armenia. However, the Caucasus is not as seismically active as some other countries of the world. Of course, it is very important that the station ahs he right kind of security station.”
Giorgi, Painter, 25

“Our TV and media are dedicated to terrorizing people. As many professionals stated, there is no threat from Armenia’s nuclear station, or Japan.”
Davit, Economist, 56

“Well, I hope that the Armenian nuclear power station will never threaten anyone or else I think it would cause another tragedy to the Caucasus population, among them Georgia unfortunately…”
Inga, Teacher, 45

“I was really surprised to hear that there was a nuclear station in our neighborhood. I wonder why these people build such dangerous things in the 21st century of technical development. God bless us and save us from the natural disasters. Let’s live in peace and unite against violence.”
Eka, Student, 21

“Any nuclear station is dangerous, as well as some hydro plants and other large-scale projects. However the danger should not be overestimated, all we need is trustworthy control over the facilities.”
Temur, Engineer, 34

“I am very concerned about this issue. To be honest I did not really think about this threat before the Japan events. I think everyone should be much more careful when it comes to nuclear power. However, I keep positive and hope that nothing will happen.”
Mediko, pensioner, 65

“I am very scared, but I don’t really know what can be done about it. I don’t think Armenia will stop its nuclear power plant because of some threats which might never happen.”
Lela, accountant, 52

“All this panic is caused by journalists. I don’t think things are so serious. We should not be concerned so much about things that might or might not happen. Let’s just hope for the best.”
Lasha, IT, 29