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Sukhumi denies recognizing Aibga as part of Russia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, April 18
The de facto Abkhazian authorities have denied the reports of the Russian media allegedly based on statements by the Russian foreign ministry that the de facto officials have confirmed that the disputed village of Aibga, in the region of Gagra, belongs to Russia. Commenting on information published in Kommersant, member of the de facto Abkhazian parliament and head of the so called “border” commission Valeriy Kvarchia has denied the authenticity of the reports. However he confirmed that the Russian side initially had claims on 160 square kilometers of Abkhazian territory. He said that at the meeting of the so called Abkhazian-Russian commission on “border demarcation and delimitation” commission, the issue was “removed from the agenda of discussions.”

“At the same time the sides have once again confirmed the existing border between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation along the Psou River. As for the issues related to the village of Aibga, which is situated on the left bank of the river, it was decided to discuss this at the next meeting,” he stated “so, the statement that the Abkhazians have recognized the village of Aibga as Russian, is not true. Commissions of both sides still have to confirm or deny this,” Kvarchia added.

Last week the de facto Abkhazian leader, Sergey Baghapsh denied media reports about Russia’s alleged demand to move the Russian border 160 square kilometers inside the territory of Georgia’s breakaway region. Speaking to journalists in Sukhumi after his unofficial visit to Turkey, Baghapsh said the Abkhazian Diaspora representatives in Turkey expressed their concern over the village of Aibga, which Moscow reportedly wants to include within its state borders. Baghapsh blamed “untrustworthy” information spread by media outlets, as a reason for the Abkhazian Diaspora’s concerns.

“I directly told our Diaspora, that the talks that Baghpash has sold Abkhazia and given out Aibga, are groundless. I called on them not to believe the foolish things, spread about this issue,” information agency Apsnypress quoted the de facto leader as saying.

Baghapsh said that the Abkhazian authorities are holding “normal talks” on delimitation and demarcation of “state borders”, adding that Sukhumi is not planning to give “even one square metre of Abkhazian land.”