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US refuses mediator role in WTO disputes

By Messenger Staff
Monday, April 18
The US does not want to play the role of mediator between Georgia and Russia concerning the integration of Moscow into the World Trade Organization. Michael McFaul, Foreign Policy Adviser to President Barack Obama, made this statement noting that Washington does not want to politicize the issue. He stated that Tbilisi was advised not to use WTO negotiations as a mechanism for settling different political controversies between Georgia and Russia. On the other hand Moscow was also told that the US is not going to put pressure on Georgia. Georgia is a part of the working group which, by consensus, attempts to resolve the issue of Russia entering the organization. As for the embargo on Georgian products in Russia as well as the border checkpoints issue they are part of the negotiations, however the embargo issue could be settled according to McFaul. The overall American position is that the issue of Georgia’s sovereignty cannot be settled in the format of discussing Russia’s WTO integration. So the question remains will Georgia continue blocking Russia’s entry to WTO and thus cause discontent from the US side or will it withdraw its objections to Russia and Moscow wins once again.