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Monday, April 18
Ilia the Second – Each Evil is a Result of the Original Sin

Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second delivered the service on Palm Sunday. He congratulated the people on this day .

The Patriarch declared that a human being, as God’s creation, will never reach God’s wonder.

“Don’t become proud and don’t think that when you have joy in life it is permanent. And remember that when you have sorrow, it will be changed to joy by all means”, the Patriarch said in the sermon.

Ilia the Second spoke about the greatness of the holiday of Palm Sunday, the feast that commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

The Patriarch said that humans know that each evil is a result of the original sin.

Parole Board to Revisit 324 Prisoners’ Cases

Parole Board will revisit 324 prisoners’ cases. The board chairperson Elene Tevdoradze states that 42 of them are women and 13 juveniles .

“I will give two examples: One person committed several episodes of theft, robbed a booth and cigarettes and beer were his interests. There is another robbery, may be heavier but he wanted food. This is our approach, and not whether they have a month of two years left to serve”, Tevdoradze stated before the board session.

She says that cases of women are difficult. “We take into consideration that some prisoners are mothers of many children, though their crime is in the drug trade. I can not be loyal to them”, the Parole Board chairperson said.

Tevdoradze says that sick people are on the list, most of whom have tuberculosis. “I’m sure that we’ll congratulate the paroled prisoners before Easter”, Tevdoradze said.

New stage of New Life for Old Tbilisi Project starts

The Tbilisi Mayor`s Office declared the start of the third stage of the New Life for Old Tbilisi Project. According to the new project, the mayor`s office promises Tbilisi residents to purchase dwelling houses for them, after construction is completed.

The municipality promises to pay USD 400 per square meter, although the builders will only receive the sum after the dwelling houses constructed by them are brought into service.

Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava presented the renewed New Life for Old Tbilisi project to residents on Friday.

The Project aims at creating new jobs, rehabilitation of deteriorated dwelling houses and Tbilisi historical districts, improving living conditions for the residents of Tbilisi, completion of suspended construction projects and enhancement of economic activities.

Gigi Ugulava said the project demonstrated its positive result, which is the development of the construction business in the city, improvement of living conditions for locals and creation of more jobs for the unemployed.

In accordance with the project, the mayor`s office also allows construction companies to sell dwelling spaces to other persons if they offer better price.

Representatives of banks and construction companies consider the new project as a start to a new stage between banks and developers. Several private banks have already allocated millions of Georgian lari to fund the project.
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Unique discovery in Eastern Georgia

Local residents of the village of Sabatlo in the Dedoplistskaro district in Eastern Georgia discovered Saturday a pole of uncertain origin when tilling soil.

The pole`s bottom was transported to the research centre of Ilia University in Georgia`s capital Tbilisi. Experts say the discovery is unique and it can likely cause further archaeological excavations on the ground.

A monitoring group of the National Heritage Agency intends to visit Dedoplistskaro next week. Until then, representatives of the agency are working on preliminary conclusions according to the photos of the discovery.

Reportedly, the bottom of the pole is a part of a building constructed in 5th or 4th centuries B.C. Experts presume the construction was part of the big city, which is still unexplored and therefore absolutely unknown to archaeologists.

Experts are expected to start exploring the unique discovery within the next days. They say if archaeological excavations are planned on the territory, it may be followed by further grand discoveries.
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Roller Coaster installed in Tbilisi amusement park

A World famous amusement ride has opened in Tbilisi. The Roller Coaster, 500 meters in length and 24 meters in height, has been installed in Mtatsminda Park on Georgia`s capital.

The Tbilisi Mayor with his family were the first to ride the Georgian counterpart of the American amusement ride on Sunday.

Foreign experts have examined security on the amusement ride. 6 vans move across the roller coaster and it takes just 1,5 minute to make one circle on it.
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