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Monday, April 18
Education minister awards certificates to IT college graduates

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkin awarded 40 successful graduates of IT College with certificates, 24 Hours reports.

All certified students have been employed. The representatives of the companies employing them: ITDC, PROPAGANDA, Web Solutions, Caucasus Online, Silknet and Music Box also attended the event.

The graduates have qualifications of technicians of personal computers and computer cells, web technologies operators, and audio visual systems operators.

Dimitri Shashkini highlighted the role of professional colleges. The Minister stressed how important it is that professional education meets the demands of the labor market. The professional colleges cooperate closely with potential employer companies.

New types of professional colleges are designed to solve three major problems: employment, economic growth and lack of qualified professionals.

Gorgian national`s hearing postponed

Malaysia’s Kota Kanibalu Highest Court has postponed the hearing in the case of a Georgian national, Babutsa Gordadze, who was arrested in Malaysia with another Georgian citizen Darejan Kokhtashvili for smuggling a large amount of drugs in October 2010, 24 Hours reports. The hearing was rescheduled to May 23.

A prominent lawyer in Malaysia, Reni Chami is defending the Georgians at their trial, which is closed to the media. Reportedly, discussion of Gordadze’ case in the court was postponed because there was no interpreter for the Georgian defendant.

The date of Kokhtashvili`s hearing at the Malaysian Court has not been set. Both Georgians may face capital punishment in accordance with local legislation, however, Georgian authorities involved in both cases are trying to convince the Malaysian judiciary that the two defendants were unknowing transporters of drugs.