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How affordable is higher education in Georgia? After getting a Bachelor’s degree did you have an opportunity to continue studying for a MA or PhD?

Monday, April 18
“I think it is quite affordable for those who really have ability and who deserve it. The government gives grants to the students and if you cannot get one there is still a chance to use a bank loan which is easier to pay back when you are already a graduate student and there is a bigger chance for you to get a job. I went on with my studies and I think that the system is quite convenient for the students.”
Sopho, Journalist, 23

“I think the Government is deliberately weakening the level of education in our country. I mean the costs of high educational institutions are so high that more and more people cannot pay for BA and MA in Georgia. I just wonder why students have to pay GEL 2000-5000 when hardly anyone can get jobs later.”
Gia, Manager, 34

“Well actually I think that educational can’t be free for everyone and our Government has tried to provide the United National Examinations for selecting the students who are ready to start their university lives. But as a matter of a fact the cost of studies should be balanced at the state and private universities or at least they shouldn’t increase each following year. I have personally received the full state scholarship for my BA but I couldn’t take my MA due to financial problems. However I’ll get better prepared for the exams this summer and take another chance.”
Salome, Interpreter, 21

“ I hope , that I will be able to go on studying. On the one hand, getting university education in Georgia is available; however it would be more acceptable if the education fees were lower.”
Revaz, Student, 20

“As for me, personally, I did not have any obstacles, as I got a state grant for my bachelor’s and MA degrees. However, from now on, the number of students getting grants will be reduced and the fee increased, so getting higher education will become more difficult for Georgians.
Lela, MA Student, 23

“Education and some other fees in the country must be according to Georgian citizens’ monthly and annual incomes and the economic situation in the country. When there is a catastrophic economic reality in the country and most of our citizens are unemployed, the existing fees for education are high. “
Zurab, Economist, 42

“Well I haven't got my bachelor's degree yet, but I think I will succeed in both passing the graduation from high school exam and the university entrance exams because I’m taking lessons in almost every subject. As for the price of higher education in Georgia I think lots of people with really great educational background mainly manage to overcome the possible obstacles and get the state grants for a BA, but I’m not so familiar with the situation at MA and PhD and can’t judge them.”
Nini, Student, 19

“I have recently graduated from the university with my PhD and I would say that it was really hard for my family to financially assist me. Anyway I was lucky to perfect my educational background at all the possible levels from BA to PhD. Thanks to God I started working at my career early and kept money for my studies but there are lots of students who can’t afford such things. I strongly recommend the Georgian Government decrease the cost of studies and give the opportunity to more people to find their relevant jobs in Georgia.”
Dato, IR Specialist, 26