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MEPs reiterate support towards Georgia

By Mzia Kupunia
Thursday, April 21
Members of the European Parliament unilaterally expressed its support towards Georgia’s EU aspirations and shared the position that part of Georgian territory is occupied by Russia and an ethnic cleansing took place on these territories, the Georgian Minister for European and Euro Atlantic Integrationstated.

Meanwhile the reported that Members of the European Parliament expressed “greater” support for Georgia’s democratic aspirations at a conference on the future of EU-Georgia relations that took place on April 29 at the European Parliament. “Georgia is an important partner for the European Union. No one could possibly question that Georgia’s place is alongside the European democracies,” quoted French MP Joseph Daul as saying “Europe has the ambition to play a major role on the world stage, therefore it must assume its responsibility and ensure peace and stability n the Caucasus,” he added.

Georgian Minister for European and Euro Atlantic Integration, Giorgi Baramidze gave a speech at the conference dedicated to EU-Georgia relations and the prospects of its development. The conference was attended by the European Parliament Members, high rank officials from the European People’s Party and the representatives of the EU member states mission in Brussels. Baramidze talked about the importance of the conference as well as the necessity of deepening relations between Georgia and the EU. The Georgian Minister focused his attention on the importance of more actively involving the EU in peaceful resolution of the Russian-Georgian conflict. The Minister outlined the situation on Georgia’s occupied territories and the conditions in which ethnic Georgians remaining on the territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are living in. Baramidze outlined the possible threats for the security of the region and the whole of Europe coming from Russia.

In the frames of the conference, Baramidze met the Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Stefan Fule. According to the latter “praised Tbilisi for its constructive engagement and pragmatic approach during the talks.” “The commission is committed to recommending to member states to start DCFTA (Deep ad Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement) negotiations with Georgia as soon as sufficient progress in the implementation of the key recommendations has been made,” he said.