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Thursday, April 21
Deputy Foreign Minister Hosts Ecuadorian Delegation

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, a meeting was held between the Georgian Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Davit Jalagania, the Coordinator of Presidential Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration, Mrs. Maria Mercedes Guevara, and Coordinator of Presidential Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Ecuador, Mr. Luis Dario Albuja.

At the meeting, the sides discussed the issues related to bilateral relations between Georgia and Ecuador, in particular, the issues connected with the cultural days of Ecuador planned to be held in Georgia in May. The sides also expressed their desire to expand and develop diplomatic relations and political, economic, trade, cultural and people-to-people cooperation between the two countries.

In the frames of the one-week visit of the Ecuadorian officials to Georgia, the members of the delegation will visit Mtskheta, Signagi and Svaneti, visiting Georgian cultural monuments and those institutes where Ecuadorian cultural events will take place. (Interpressnews)

Kakha Kukava Advices Authority to Change Attitude toward Abkhazians and Ossetians

Head of “Free Democrats” party Kakha Kukava advices the authority to change its attitude toward Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

He claims that the Georgian government’s initiative on the issue of neutral passage documents for the population of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is an incompetent step from the Georgian side.

According to him, this initiative is unacceptable for representatives of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and separatists stated that they don’t need any neutral passage documents.

“We appeal and advise the Georgian authority that other similar initiatives, which will be raised by the government, should be agreed with representatives of Abkhazian and South Ossetian sides. Otherwise, such unilateral initiatives will be quite unsuccessful” – Kakha Kukava said

According to him, the party of “Free Georgia” considers that peaceful negotiations with Abkhazia and South Ossetia are the only way to resolve the conflict. (Prime-News)

Economic Development Council Established In Shida Kartli Region

The Economic Development Council was established in Shida Kartli region of Georgia.

Prime-News was told about it by the administration of Shida Kartli region.

According to the public report, the council was set up with the support of the Society for International Cooperation of Germany (GIZ) and on the initiative of the Governor of Shida Kartli region, Zurab Arsoshvili.

The structure of this format was established in the region for the first time. The Council will be engaged in consideration of all economic issues of the region after which they will coordinate their work between governmental bodies and international organizations.

Meetings of the Economic Development Council will be held once a month. (Prime-News)

CDM Demands Explanation from Ministry Of Agriculture

Christian-Democratic Movement is demanding an explanation from the Ministry of Agriculture regarding the issues of water supply to Liakhvi gorge villages.

Thousands of people are waiting for irrigation water and should be kept informed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The leader of faction Giorgi Akhvlediani stated about it at parliamentary plenary sitting of April 19.

“Agricultural works have not started yet in Liakhvi gorge villages. Locals have no information about water supply for irrigation; they are waiting for a concrete answer from the Agriculture Ministry until the end of April” – Giorgi Akhvlediani said. (Prime-News)

Main Thing Now is to Ascertain whether ‘Black Lion’ was Legally Exported from Georgia or not – Culture Minister

Nikoloz Rurua, Minister of Culture and Monuments Protection, has made his first comment on the scandal regarding Georgian Niko Pirosmani’s painting 'Black Lion'.

According to Rurua, there exists a document permitting the export of the picture to another country. ‘The authenticity of the document is being studied. The main thing now is to ascertain whether the picture was legally exported from Georgia or not’, Rurua said.

The scandal regarding Pirosmani’s 'Black Lion' erupted after painter Karaman Kutateladze stated that the picture, exhibited in Moscow, had been stolen from his house in 1993. However, the current owner of the picture alleges that he had purchased the picture legally and has the relevant document. Kutateladze categorically denies the possibility and demands that the picture be returned. (Interpressnews)

African rain in Tbilisi

Unusually dirty rain fell in Tbilisi yesterday morning. The rain drops were sandy, leaving spots on clothes and cars from 9am lasting for two hours.

Meteorologists explain that it was African rain, as the cyclone whirled up the sand in the African countries, Egypt in particular, and moved the clouds towards Georgia. The experts say the rain is not dangerous to health and the residents of the capital have no reason to be concerned. (Rustavi 2)