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Thursday, April 21
Kakha Kukava: Explosions in Tbilisi and Kutaisi were organized by MIA

I expect that another act of terror will take place in Tbilisi in May and it will be organized by the authorities. By the way, I am deeply convinced that all the previous explosions that happened in Tbilisi and Kutaisi were carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs… I myself do not anticipate Nino Burjanadze’s detention as I do not think that the authorities expect any sort of challenge from her side. I believe this is nothing more than a rumor. At this stage the authorities will gain more out of the campaign to discredit Burjanadze rather than arrest her. We should note that for our authorities this is not the most difficult thing to do”.

“It’s not true that the authorities generate tension by arresting opposition leaders. Generally international and world policy creates in our minds false ideas which our television and different textbooks form. They assure us that there is an international law, principles of democracy and so on. But they do not exist; forget all the sorts of international law and democratic principles. As a lawyer and a politician I can say that there are no such things in reality. This is a part of propaganda. So, a change of authorities and complication of the political situation on the international scene is not a result of neglecting the democratic principles or international law but a result of conflicts between some countries”, Kakha Kukava states and emphasizes:

“If Saakashvili will face a complicated situation in the country it will happen due to his resistance to foreign policy of leading states. So, do not trust that for Saakashvili the situation might aggravate due to a disregard of international democratic principles. And if Nino Burjanadze will be arrested she will be the 61st political prisoner but the situation for Saakashvili was never jeopardized by the cases of the previous 60 prisoners”. Akhali Taoba

Subjective Opinion on the air of one TV and two radio stations

TV Company Maestro, radio stations Utsnobi and Palitra will start a joint project from May 4-5. The program Subjective Opinion will be presented by journalists Natia Gamtsemlidze and Shalva Ramishvili and it will be broadcast at 8 pm on three media outlets simultaneously. Natia Gamtsemlidze will advocate journalism standards and Shalva Ramishvili will stay in his usual role and will keep on demonstrating his political views. The guest of the program can be a person of any occupation who will have to answer to any question the presenters ask him, newspaper Rezonansi informs.

“In terms of the format of the program, we are going to invite one guest who might be a politician, a public figure, a doctor, a writer… We will not talk only about politics; we plan to talk over different topics based on the occupation of our guest. We’re going to discuss economic and cultural issues. For instance, if our guest is a politician preparing for a revolution he will be able to talk not only about announced revolution but, for example, about a soccer match also. I mean the discussion may concern any topic of current importance”, Natia Gamtsemlidze notes.

“Shalva has a pronounced political view though I can’t agree with you that he doesn’t criticize the opposition. The program he presents is also a criticism of the opposition. However, he is much more critical regarding the authorities. Shalva also expresses his position in his talks with the guests. This is what I’d never do myself”, Natia Gamtsemlidze emphasizes.

As a reply to the question “this means that out of two presenters one will stand for journalism standards and the other won’t?” she tells:

“Yes, this is the way the program is going to be. Shalva will not hide his position here as well. The title of the program is Subjective Opinion, so he is going to fix his subjective opinion always. But I will try my best to protect the standards and be impartial. I like Shalva’s position and the difference of our views will make the program extremely interesting”.