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How do you and your family prepare for Easter? Do you have any traditions on that day?

Thursday, April 21
“It is one of the greatest holidays and I love this day very much. I prepare especially for the day. Like almost all Georgian families we colour eggs. We spend that night in the church and celebrate Easter there,”
Guram, Engineer, 41

“It is my favourite holiday and I am looking forward to the day. My family usually goes to the village for the day, in west Georgia. My sister and I enjoy the holiday in the church and on Monday we go to the cemetery.”
Davit, Painter, 25

“Well, I spend this day as almost all Georgians. This is the greatest holiday for the whole Christian world and I wish you happy Easter. My mother has already started preparing for the day, she has bought eggs and some ingredients for Easter cake.
Giorgi, Student, 21

“We have no special preparations on that blessed day but as we have public vacations so I’ll try to overcome my laziness and attend the church service.”
Nino, Office Manager, 22

“My family will go to the village. I’m sick and tired of the everyday routine and tiring job, so I think I’ll sleep my entire holidays.”
Nodar, Economist, 25

“My mother colors some eggs and we have a family dinner in the evening. Unfortunately this Easter I will be out of Georgia myself.
Temur, Doctor, 34

“Well I think every Georgian family follows the same tradition for Easter. My family and I paint eggs on Friday, prepare for the Easter night liturgy and go to village on Sunday to express our respect towards our predecessors and put eggs on their graves.”
Tinatin, Student, 20