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Tuesday, April 26
Giga Bokeria: all steps towards Euro Atlantic Alliance will irritate Russia

All steps made by the Georgian Republic towards Euro Atlantic bodies will irritate the Russian Federation, Giga Bokeria, Secretary of Security Council said to GHN.

He said Russia is keeping an absolutely illegitimate position which is evident from the last declaration of the MFA of Russia. "This is a natural irritation. Unfortunately the attitude of Moscow towards Georgia's sovereignty remains unchanged. All steps which Georgia makes for closer relations with EU for better security will irritate Russia."

"We hope that this will change. Russia maintains an absolutely illegitimate position and the last declaration was clear evidence of this position. Nothing unpredictable was said. This will not change Georgia's position or the attitude of the international community."

Paroled convicts

Georgia`s Parole Commission has pardoned 266 prisoners for Easter holiday. The decision was adopted a few days ago.

Among the paroled prisoners, 226 were expected to leave prisons on Saturday, while 39 of them will have their sentences decreased.

About 20 prisoners have already left prison #8 of Tbilisi and they were met by their family members outside the facilities.

12 women are among the paroled prisoners.
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Protesters object to construction of business tower in Batumi

Local residents of Georgia`s Black Sea town of Batumi assembled on Saturday for a protest rally against the construction works launched by Georgian Railway`s adopted company.

The Railway Property Management is constructing a business tower on the territory.

Locals and representatives of different NGOs assembled at the rally said trees were cut down on the territory to make way for the construction.

The protesters assembled in Batumi Boulevard from the early morning. They tried to cross the territory bordered by police and break down a fence.

Representatives of Batumi urban service said the protesters were mislead, as no trees were cut down on the territory and the project is going on in accordance with the city's development plan and therefore it does not disfigure the appearance of Batumi. They also said the construction does not cause any ecological problems.
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Immunization week begins in Georgia

Immunization week is underway in Georgia. The annual event consisting of various activities are organized by the World Health Organization`s European Bureau. The immunization week will be held in Georgia and 33 other European states. The activities within the Immunization Week include distribution of flyers and airing video clips about immunization and its importance.
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Exhibition of books held in Tbilisi on World Book and Copyrights Day

On April 23, the World Book and Copyrights Day, en exhibition of books started in Dedaena Garden of Tbilisi. The event was supported by the Tbilisi Mayor`s Office and brokered by the Association of Publishers of Georgia.

30 publishing houses based in Georgia took part in the exhibition and Mayor Gigi Ugulava also attended the event.

23rd April is a figurative date for world creative writing as on this date and in the year of 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all died. It was a straight forward selection for UNESCO`s General Conference to give a worldwide honour to books and authors on this date, encouraging everyone, specifically young people, to discover the joy of reading and achieve a transformed admiration for the unique contributions of those who have furthered the communal and cultural development of humankind. By commemorating this day throughout the world, UNESCO aims to promote reading, publishing and the protection of intellectual property by the means of copyright.
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