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How influential is the role of mass media on Georgian society? Is it positive or negative?

Tuesday, April 26
“Of course, media is one of the strongest weapons for influencing society. Most people, not all, are frequently influenced on what they have seen or heard on TV, on radio and so on. Currently, to my mind, they are playing a more negative role."
Lali, MA Student, 23

“There are people who are left in antiquity and everything modern is unacceptable to them. Society needs development and those TV Programs and so on are absolutely acceptable for me.”
Aleksandre, Businessman, 32

“ I think that Georgian media, especially the most powerful ones, meaning Rustavi 2 and Imedi TV are playing the most negative role, they are stating that they are commercial channels and do not have cognitive function, which can’t be right. “
Mari, singer, 22

“I do not watch, do not listen and do not read Georgian media, thus, I cannot respond to your question.”
Nika, Politician, 38

“In general, the pro west and pro European way is not accordingly followed by the current authorities, to my mind. They are controlling the media and trying to change Georgian society’s attitudes with this weapon. Most of the programs are absolutely useless especially for young people. “
Mamuka, Historian, 51

“Quite influential and probably negative due to their vulgar programs and soap operas they offer us every day.”
Guram, Doctor, 25

“I have a very negative attitude towards the Georgian media in particular because I have become sick of their constant criminal cases and misbalanced shows every day. That’s why I have simply stopped watching TV at all!”
Giorgi, Social Worker, 28

“I have a mainly negative approach towards the media because the information they are releasing daily starts with the most terrible news and thus they have an awful affect on people. This doesn’t mean they don’t also have positive features but the journalists themselves emphasize more negative information rather than the positive news as they think the more shocking the program will be the better it will be for them.”
Meri, IR Specialist, 32