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Georgian idea and Georgian world

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, April 27
During the recent religious celebrations, Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II paid certain attention to political themes. If we realize how much respect the Catholicos Patriarch has here in Georgia, we should understand the importance of these statements.

This time during the Easter ceremony he paid much attention to the so called Georgian idea and Georgian world. In his sermon, the Patriarch spoke about the current situation in the country saying that through the strongest psychological means of mass media, evil and sin was being imposed on the society whereby a vulgar community could be established and ruled by money. He stressed upon the fact that mass media propaganda supports violence, nihilism and indecent behaviour. However despite such pressure our community and the majority of the youth still preserve the traditional values and carry Georgian idea, stated the Patriarch.

It can be said that the Georgian idea and Georgian world concept contradict substantially with principles which are being promoted by some forces in the current Georgian leadership and NGOs representing these forces as neo liberalism and its inherent principles. So, by identifying the carriers of such principles it could be said that Ilia II made a very important and essential statement which could be used as a major slogan for certain political forces. Here we mean those forces which accept neither pro western nor pro Russian ways and are looking for a Georgian way. As the Patriarch highlighted first of all, the Georgian idea means devotion to Christianity. Historically it happened that in Georgia patriotism and Christianity went hand in hand. The Georgian idea is far removed from the use of aggression but at the same time is not prepared to give up. The Georgian idea is spread over Georgian land united by the Georgian language. Language is not the only mechanism of expressing one's thoughts but language is the tool to express one’s ideology. The Georgian idea has established our character, our culture and our existence, mentioned the Patriarch. His Holiness stressed upon the fact that the Georgian idea is not only a matter of genetics, he also stressed that the Georgian idea applies not only to Georgians and this is because the Georgian nation is a very tolerant one. The peoples residing in Georgia share Georgian problems. The Georgian idea and Georgian world highlighted by Catholicos Patriarch Ilia II will definitely have many supporters but of course it will have some critics who will be directly or indirectly challenging this position. It should already be mentioned that this idea might provoke some ultra nationalistic feelings which eventually could lead to the isolation of the country. On the other hand however it can promote further consolidation of the nation.