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Do you think the current Georgian court system requires reform? If yes, why?

Wednesday, April 27
“Thank God, I have never dealt with the court so far, and I cannot say exactly how the system operates, however, as far as I have heard the number of acquittals is so low, that it is obvious, not everything is as it should be in the Georgian court system.”
Giga, economist, 31

“Every report, issued by foreign organizations, says that there is a need for court system reform in Georgia. I think they are right. The country cannot be democratic, without a fair court. Unfortunately, the Georgian court system is far from being fair.”
Maya, PR manager, 28

“I think the reforms are already taking place, it just needs time. It is impossible to change something overnight. This is something that we should understand.”
Nana, doctor, 40

“I think that this system needs reform, what is going on regarding the courts in Georgia is becoming unbearable. To put it simply, Georgian courts have become one of the main sources for the budget. For even very light crime a person is detained and fined a significant sum, without a detailed investigation of the case.”
Giorgi, Lawyer, 34

“Well, I think that that situation in this field has improved after the Rose revolution, however there are some shortcomings which should be removed. As far as I know, reform is still ongoing in the system, let the current authorities complete it and make statements afterwards.”
Lasha, Businessman, 41

“I think that the Georgian court system really needs reform as there are a lot of issues regarding the system, which should be improved. One of the main demands of developed countries towards Georgia is court reform; however the current authorities refrain from doing so. “
Levan, Sociologist, 27

“To be honest I am not very aware regarding the issue, however every time when I read somewhere concerning the court decision, it is mentioned that the detention has not been justified, for me it is sign that everything is not in order.”
Eto, MA student, 23

“I think it needs urgent reform but unfortunately I don’t think it is possible. As far as I’m familiar with the international standards, courts should be absolutely unbiased by politics. But actually the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia is the brother of the ruling United National Movement MP… I just wonder how he can be unbiased???”
Mariam, Lawyer, 27

“As a matter of fact, Georgian courts always lacked relevant reforms even during Eduard Shevardnadze’s governance. But I think this system is damaged all around the world because it’s a wonderful way for getting more money from people in return for their freedom.”
Nikoloz, Archeologist, 35