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Monday, May 23
Ilia the Second – People Have Tense Political Relations

Divine liturgy is over at St. Trinity temple regarding the day of St. Nikoloz. Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second addressed the people. He said that people have tensed political relations and said that they pray for peace and unanimity.

The Catholicos Patriarch preached about the necessity of moral purity and preserving customs, as there has been an inflow of immorality in the society recently. The Catholicos Patriarch said that each family must be a small church. After the service Patriarch blessed Bagrationi school-lyceum and pupils of Kharagauli village schools, also several surnames: Iremashvili, Adamashvili, Kutsiani, Gujejiani, Tomadze.

40-year-old man was wounded in incident

A 40-year-old man was wounded at Akhmeteli metro station in Tbilisi on Saturday night. Eldar Mammedov suffered a knife wound in his chest.

As reported, the incident took place between several people, all of whom were drunk.

The injured man was transported to hospital where doctors say his health condition is now stable.
(Rustavi 2)

Leuville Estate to be handed over to Georgia

A Memorandum on handing over Leuville estate to Georgia will be signed on May 23, 2011. The decision was adopted in France at the meeting of Mr. Mirza (Papuna) Davitaia, State Minister of Georgia on Diaspora Issues along with representatives of the Georgian Hearth Association.

At the talks it was confirmed that, after 80 years, the estate is returning to Georgia and the Georgian people.

According to the memorandum the Leuville Estate is going to play a serious role in the relations of the two peoples and their cultural cooperation in the future.

The Leuville estate is being purchased with the funds of the Georgian State, it belongs to the Georgian people and represents one of the most significant parts of national history and heritage.
(Rustavi 2)

Baghapsh undergoes lung surgery

De facto Abkhazian leader, Sergey Baghapsh underwent an operation on his right lung. The representative of the de facto President, Kristian Bzhania told journalists, that the operation went “successfully” and that Baghapsh’s life is not under threat. Doctors have suggested that he undergo conservative treatment, he said. While Baghapsh is recovering, the de facto Vice President, Alexandr Ankvab will be conducting “presidential” duties.

Inteior Minister: we will focus on education and enhancement of qualification

Georgian Interior Minister, Vano Merabishvili said in an interview with the Rustavi 2 TV channel that the main challenge of the law enforcement system in Georgia against the background of decreased criminal activity, is maintaining the situation. He stressed that reaching some results is easier than maintaining the improved conditions. “In this direction we are focusing on education and qualification enhancement. Life changes dynamically and the police should change too,” the Interior Minister said “This should, first of all happen through education, trainings and practice. We want to turn the success that we have into a daily norm, into a tradition. The future policemen should have standards and traditions, which will be launched now,” Merabishvili added.