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Do you take current street rallies in Georgia as a signal of serious changes in the country?

Monday, May 23
“I don’t think so, as a lot of people are not involved in it. Herewith, those political parties, which are organizing the rallies, are not trusted by people. It would be better, if they would regain people’s trust first and then hold demonstrations.”
Natia, Teacher, 25

“Honestly I don't want this group of people to change anything at all. They hate media, they hate our international partners, and they hate the people who think like me. So I don't want the government with loads of hatred in it.”
Sofi, MA Student, 23

“I think that it is a very serious process and if the opposition manage to act together and achieve consolidation it might impose a changing of the authorities.”
Maka, Language specialist, 29

“No I don’t think these rallies will end with a particular change because the current opposition is absolutely split from one another and they would probably fail in unifying people around one particular purpose.”
Marekh, Sociologist, 28

“Well actually I have become so tired of all these endless promises and ineffective protest rallies that I already don’t care about their plans. To be fair I doubt they would make any changes with their shabby phrases about patriotism.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 48