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Friday, May 27
John Bass Commented on Yesterday’s Events

U.S. ambassador to Georgia John Bass expressed condolences to the families of dead. John Bass commented about the yesterday’s events after the military parade on Rustaveli Avenue .

“I think it shows again that violence is not the answer. It’s never the answer to addressing the challenges that the society faces or trying to promote one view or another in the debate of how it best addresses challenges”, John Bass said.

He also mentioned that the government took the important step in offering the protesters an alternative place to protest that would have allowed the parade to go forward.

“I’m concerned by reports that once the protest was dispersed, that there was potentially excessive force used by individuals involved breaking up that protest and I think it is important for the government to investigate these allegations seriously. But I think it’s also important to remember that there were people included in that protest who were not interested in peacefully protesting but were looking to spark a violence, confrontation and it think that’s evidence of why violence is not the solution to these challenges and it’s not an appropriate way to debate the best solution to the challenges that Georgia faces”, he said.

John Bass congratulated Georgian people on the 20th anniversary of independence.

“As long as Georgia stays on that democratic path the Untied States will continue to support its freedom to choose it own future”, the ambassador stated. (Intrpressnews)

Giorgi Tughushi – Police Used Disproportionate Force

Georgia’s Public Defender sees signs of guilt of the law enforcers in the yesterday events .

Giorgi Tughusi said on the press conference that he will address chief prosecutor with recommendation to launch immediate and effective investigation of the facts and raise issue of responsibility of all law enforcers.

Public Defender calls on MIA to enable the detained people contact their relatives by phone and have right of defense.

Public Defender said that representatives of public defender visited some of the detained and they will study details of the fact. Tughushi expressed condolences to the family of the two citizens who died on 26 May night.

Tughusi said that after 25 May, the protest was not authorized and had to be ceased, though policemen used disproportionate force and investigation must be launched and all guilty policemen must be punished.

Tughushi mentioned that journalist were not able to perform their professional activity. He says that many protesters were physically injured, part of them could not leave the protest area and excessive use of force was obvious when policemen assaulted the protesters who didn’t oppose them. (Intrpressnews)

Heavy rain inflicts serious damage on Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region

Heavy rain has inflicted serious damage on to the Mtskheta Mtianeti Region last night. The swollen river in the village of Sinkhevi, Dusheti district, has swept the only river, which connected the village with other villages and the rest of the Region.

The water has also damaged roads and the river dams in several other villages of the region. The water has also flooded houses in the villages. (Rustavi 2)

Nineteen scientists and public figures awarded with Prizes

President of Georgia has awarded nineteen scholars and prominent public figures with National and Rustaveli Prizes today. The prizes have been handed over to the scholars of medical sphere, opera singer Lado Ataneli and philologist Tamaz Kvachantiradze.

President said many Georgian scholars of medical sphere worked successfully abroad and they should return to the country. Saakashvili thanked Tamaz Kvachantiradze for his television project Journey in the Wordland. (Rustavi 2)

Wolves attack village in Kakheti Region

Wolves attacked the village of Naniani of Gurjaani district in Kakheti Region in Eastern Georgia last night. The beasts ate 6 and tore into pieces 15 sheep.

Local residents said the heard some noise from outside late night although they found out the sheep torn into pieces only in the morning.

Locals are panicked. They expect that the wolves may also attack people and they demand to be armed with guns.

Representatives of Gurjaani municipality are working to set up a group of hunters. (Rustavi 2)