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Who is the responsible for 26th of May protest rally consequences?

Friday, May 27
“It was really a horrible fact , I think that the authorities and the organizers of the street rallies are equally responsible for the fact. As far as I know, men were killed while the disperse, this is the fact, which could not be improved…”
Tamar, Teacher, 41

“To my mind, first of all the authorities are to be blamed. There were not much people in the demonstration for such forcible actions to be needed; they could have done all this in more civilized forms than they did.”
Dato, Painter, 31

“It is difficult for me to blame any side in this situation, as I was not there and have not seen all these by own, however I know one thing: good government must do its best its citizens not to be harmed.”
Nana, Housewife, 34

“I think it was absolutely obvious that the Government would have sent the special task groups for dismissing the protest rally on Rustaveli Avenue. That’s why I think it’s more the oppositional leaders’ fault rather than President's. Definitely the number of the police was above all the norms but everyone knew that Saakashvili wouldn’t make a step back and everything would have ended with great disappointment.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 29

“Of course it’s opposition’s responsibility from the beginning of these protest actions to the end as they didn't have an idea for what they were standing there.”
Inna, Teacher, 24

“It is really difficult to make any judgment of May 26th disperse because the Georgian society is split in two parts: one – supporting Saakashvili’s regime and the second – opposing the President’s policy. That’s why those who have gathered around the Representative Public Assembly didn’t at all followed Nino Burjanadze but they simply wanted to force Saakashvili step down. I used to listen to the united Georgian opposition in the past years, I used to fight for my people’s welfare in 2007, etc but this time I couldn’t stand with people gathered in front of the Parliament because I knew it would end with great failure. That’s why I can’t say anything at all! I can’t either accuse the special task groups of fulfilling their obligations or accuse the peaceful civilians trusting in former Governmental bodies. Let God bless us all.”
Nikoloz, Psychologist, 52