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Celebrating the National Day

By Salome Modebadze
Friday, May 27
May 26 the 20th anniversary of Georgia’s independence was ceremonially marked not only in Georgia but outside the country with the greatest encouragement from the international friends. In a letter of congratulation with the anniversary the US President Barak Obama expressed his full support towards the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia promising to continue encouraging Georgia in future.

“Since Georgia achieved its freedom, the United States has stood with it in building an independent and sovereign nation. Over the last two decades, Georgia has made tremendous progress in working to fulfill the Georgian peoples' aspirations for democracy, prosperity, and security. The United States remains steadfastly committed to Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity and to cooperating with Georgia to promote peace and stability,” Obama stated.

Thankful for Georgia’s contribution to advancing the global security through deployment of the national military forces to Afghanistan the US President stressed how Americans appreciated the courageous service and sacrifices made by the Georgian soldiers and their families. Praising Georgia’s achievements as an important example for other democratic movements around the world Obama said the US pledged to support Georgia's efforts to consolidate democratic gains, secure further economic growth and live in peace with its neighbors.

Georgian President received blessings from Benedict XVI the Pope of Rome wishing Georgia and its President happiness and welfare. “I ask God to bless Georgia in building the hard and solid state oriented on protection of the rich cultural and religious traditions,” was said in the letter of congratulation with the anniversary. Ivo Josipovic President of Croatia, Queen Beatrix of Netherlands, Austrian Government, Presidents of Portugal and Poland all expressed their support towards Georgia’s independence and wished great success to Georgian people.

“I want to confirm my readiness in developing Georgian-Poland cooperation based on solidarity and express the great support from our country towards democratization and modernization of Georgia,” Bronislaw Komorowski Poland’s Presidential said praising Georgia’s achievements in the process of integration to EU. The former Soviet Union States Armenia and Turkmenistan emphasized the long-lasting friendship between the neighboring states and highlighted the importance of further cooperation.

Celebrating Georgia’s Independence in Washington’s Smithsonian Museum on Tuesday Georgia’s ambassador to US Temur Iakobahsvili dressed in Georgian national cloth hosted about 3 thousand guests at the reception. Sukhishvilebi, the Georgian National Ballet Ensemble performed national dances and The Shin Georgian fusion jazz band performed songs at the event. The guests had a wonderful opportunity to taste Georgian national dishes prepared by Georgian cooks especially for the event.

Embassy of Georgia in Azerbaijan dedicated a special reception to the 20th anniversary of the Independence Day of Georgia in the Baku Academic Drama Theatre with participation of Georgian National Folk Company Erisioni and Georgian singers. Georgia’s Independence Day was also marked in Madrid, Spain where the representatives of diplomatic corps, Foreign Ministry, parliament, scientific, cultural and business circles of Spain attended the reception organized by Georgia’s Embassy.

Georgian Diaspora in Israel with support of Papuna Davitaia Georgian State Minister on the Diaspora Issues initiated a concert for Georgian Jews living in Israel. More than 6000 people from different towns came to Jerusalem to meet the day of Georgia’s independence with their so much beloved Georgian singers on Wednesday. Expressing their admiration with the event the both sides wished there were held more such occasions aimed at deepening the historical friendship of the two nations.

“The Jewish trail is felt everywhere in the Georgian history and no one can ever measure your merit towards Georgia. There are always particular people who are envious of our special relations and try to hinder our cooperation but finally nothing can break our friendship on the contrary it even deepens our trust,” Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili addressed the audience from the televised bridge from Tbilisi.

Tbilisi celebrated May 26 with the flower festival at Sharden Street, Bamba Line and Sioni Square while the florists all around the country arrived to Tbilisi to participate in the amazing exhibition and offer their flowers and plants to the passersby. As Giorgi Korkashvili Head of the Municipal Office of Greening told the media not only the particular companies but the individuals could have exhibited their decorative and natural plants. Celebration of the Independence Day ceremonially ended with gala concerts in Tbilisi and Batumi.