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Friday, June 3
Gamsakhurdia introduced commission’s conclusion

Akhali Taoba writes that head of fact finding commission investigating Georgia’s first President Zviad Gamsakhurdia’s death details introduced commission’s conclusion to society. As Georgian writer Rostom Chkheidze said appointing of Konstantine Gamsakhurdia as a head of his father’s death fact finding commission was the right decision, because no one else could do it more objectively than he did.

The first President’s son introduced those details which causes much doubt about President’s suicide and made examples of several factors which may prove that he was killed rather than he committed a suicide. According to expertise president was killed however his son did not say it directly that president was killed.

Rustaveli Avenue - “No to Violence” Zone

Human rights organizations have an initiative to declare Rustaveli Avenue as “No to violence” zone. NGOs will sign an ad-hoc declaration about it and encourage political parties to sign it, 24 Hours reports.

The NGOs held a silent protest in front of parliament and wrote with lit candles “00:15 – no to violence”.

NGOs highlight that they protest not only 26 May events but processes that followed, when tens of people went missing and were imprisoned.

“All political powers have to say no to violence”, NGOs declare.

The 42nd article of constitution, multinational Georgia, Young Lawyers’ Association and others take part in the protest.

On 26 May, after 12:00 riot police dispersed anti-governmental protest organized by People’s Assembly. Eyewitnesses inform that water canons, tear gas and rubber bullets were used against the protesters. Riot police beat the protesters, besieged them and didn’t allow to run away.

Mass arrests started after the protest crackdown. Tens of protesters are brutally beaten; they laid on the ground with hands tied for hours. Four died, one of them is a policeman. According to official information, about 90 people are arrested who are sentenced to two months of administrative imprisonment.

MIA released the first official information on 26 May night, noting that the protest of the People’s assembly was authorized from 21 to 25 May and police cleared the vicinity from the protesters and several protesters were detained for resisting police.