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What do you think about the “Liberty Charter”? Was it passed timely by the Georgian parliament?

Friday, June 3
“Well, to be honest I don’t know exactly what this charter includes. As far as I know it is related to some defensive mechanisms, like preventive activities for the country's security. In this direction, I consider that it is a nice decision, adopting such kinds of decisions are always timely.”
Goga, Musician, 24

“It would be better if this liberty charter had been adopted before the August war, however it is better late than never, security is always necessary. As for annihilation of the communist era, it seems funny for me, as annihilation of symbols and some other things related to that period, would not change history. I think there are some more important issues for the country than fighting with symbols .”
Gela, Pensioner, 56

“I think that it is a nice document, based on that information I got from TV . There are such issues, such people in the country, which might create an obstacle for the country’s democratic development. We must be freed from our communist past as well. “
Nino, Manager, 25

“Each document oriented on security of Georgian people is important for us but every article has its tiniest points which make the entire sense of the issue. That’s why I had better become briefly familiar with the document and try to answer everyone’s questions later.”
Magda, Sociologist, 29

“I think it’s nonsense to destroy the buildings and the past of your own people and call it the charter of freedom! Do we have freedom in Georgia? I doubt such documents can ever make sense for our future generations because we should always respect our history and try to build a better future.”
Nodar, Pensioner, 68

“I think our Government has time to waste on silly documents. As far as I’ve understood this charter makes restrictions on soviet symbols and soviet warriors. I mean these symbols (some of which are on Georgian strategic buildings) are to be removed while former soviet servicemen have to apologize to our current government for serving their homeland in soviet times. I can’t make sense of anything from what I’ve heard from TV but I might have misheard something. I’ll read the document if possible and think over the issue again later.”
Merab, Driver, 47