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Thursday, June 9
Family of Georgian killed in Moscow ask for help

The family of Gela Bliadze, who was killed in an ethnically motivated attack in Moscow two days ago, is asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist them in arranging the documents that are necessary to transfer the body of the man from Russia to Georgia.

Meanwhile, the investigation is awaiting the results of the Moscow expertise bureau, which is seeking the cause of death; however, Russian police have already confirmed that the man was killed due to his ethnicity.

The police have already found the man and arrested the murder suspect; however, the investigation abstains from unveiling his identity.

Bliadze went out on Monday evening to buy cigarettes and never returned home. He was later found dead after having had injuries inflicted with a metal stick. The murder occurred in the district of Moscow, where Bliadze had lived for many years. (Rustavi 2)

Foreign Minister`s visit to Austria finishes

On 6 June 2011, the Georgian Foreign Minister, Mr. Grigol Vashadze, paid a working visit to the Republic of Austria, during which he met his Austrian counterpart, Mr. Michael Spindelegger.

The two discussed a wide range of issues relevant to co-operation between Georgia and Austria and underlined the positive character of bilateral co-operation between the two countries. Both parties focused on the urgency of the need to deepen political, economic and cultural ties between Austria and Georgia.

Mr. Vashadze provided his Austrian counterpart with comprehensive information on the current situation in Georgia`s occupied territories, on relations between Georgia and Russia and on developments in the South Caucasus. The Austrian government reiterated its position regarding Georgia`s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Georgian Foreign Minister also held a meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Austrian Parliament, Mr. Fritz Neugebauer.

Mr. Vashadze`s visit to Austria also provided an opportunity for the Directors of the European Affairs and European Integration departments of the Georgian Foreign Ministry to meet their Austrian counterparts.

The Georgian and Austrian Foreign Ministers signed an agreement between their respective governments on the exchange and bilateral protection of confidential information. (Rustavi 2)

CDM demands resignation of Agriculture Minister

The Christian Democratic Movement is demanding the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture Bakur Kvezereli accusing him and his office of causing a meat deficit in the country. The opposition party visited grocers today and objected to the high prices of the product. The party members said that monopolist companies and the government, which lobbies them, should be held responsible for the deficit and the unaffordable price of meat.

`The Minister of Agriculture promised us that the price on meat would not exceed ten GEL, but today meat costs 16-18 GEL, but the other problem is that there is a serious deficit of meat in the country. For such false promises we are demanding the resignation of the minister,` CDM member Rati Maisuradze said. (Rustavi 2)

Ckhartishvili went on hunger strike

Lasha Chkhartishvili, member of Free Georgia (detained for the protest action intention) has gone on hunger strike in jail.

Aleko Shalamberidze, member of the People's Party explained that his actions were directed against the violent dispersal of the protest action on May 26 and demanded the investigation of the cases of missing people in the aftermath. He revealed a declaration of Lasha Chkhartishvili:

"I demand from the MIA to recognize the people who disappeared after the May 26 as a lost people, and to search them. The NGOs entered the list of those people who attended the public demonstration on May 26 and were then missing. In addition, I demand to establish the investigation commission with participation of independent experts, international organizations which will study the crime committed by government on May 26, "- the declaration reads.

Lasha Chkhartishvili was detained alongside family members of Irakli Batiashvili and other opposition members who were trying to organize the protest action at the Parliament against the violent dispersal of the May 26 public demonstration. (GHN)

Presidential elections scheduled in secessionist Abkhazia

A decision to conduct the early Presidential elections has been reached by the de-facto Parliament of secessionist Abkhazia. The Abkhazian MPs unanimously decided to hold it on August 26, RIA Novosti reports.

Segey Bagapsh, the last President of de-facto Abkhazia, died as a result of unsuccessful surgery on one of his lungs conducted in hospital in Moscow. Alexander Anqvab will be acting president until the elections in de-facto Abkhazia are concluded. (GHN)

Premiere of 5 Days of August held in London`

The UK premiere of '5 Days of August' was held in London`s Film Academy on Wednesday. Director Renny Harlin, Hollywood stars participating in the film and members of the film`s Georgian crew attended the premiere.

After the presentation of the film, the actors gave interviews to British media.

After the premiere, a solemn reception was also held where the Heroes of Prime Time Georgian Newspaper were presented. The book comprised of stories of people who suffered from the Russian-Georgian war in August 2008. (Rustavi 2)