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Do you think Russia is threatened by joint US-Georgian trainings in the Black Sea?

Thursday, June 23
“I think that it is one more sign for Russia that Georgia is being supported by the United States and that Russia must not dare repeating that actions of August 2008. I don’t think that Russia is threatened, as based on our military resources, we are not a threat to Russia.”
Gia, Historian, 55

“I consider that such trainings are always taken as a threat by Russians, as the United States is involved in it. Russia has always tried to control the Black Sea and they will be more irritated by this fact than threatened. “
Natela, Sociologist, 43

“I find it silly to suggest that Russia is somehow threatened by Georgian-US joint trainings because Russia has its own rules of the political game and it may choose his partners himself.”
Ilia, Pianter, 24

“I think yet! Russia has seen how Georgia is supported by the international society after the August war in 2008. That’s why I think that each new partnership step made by our country would be, at the very least, annoying for our northern neighbours.”
Rusudan, Teacher, 33

“I’m not deeply familiar with the Russian-US related issue although I have heard that these two countries have some kind of cooperation. Meanwhile the US is considered as Georgia’s partner country, while Russia is known as its enemy... It’s somehow controversial – how can I be the friend of my friend’s enemy I just wonder?”
Anna, Economist, 24

“I think Russia should be calm about a threat from Georgia and from the US. If Moscow stops being aggressive towards small nations, then nobody will put any more pressure on Russia. However I don’t think Russian authorities will ever be able to say no to their imperialistic ambitions.”
Alexandre, pensioner, 67

“No, I don’t think so, however I understand Russia’s position too. They are trying to portray things in a different light, in the way that is favorable for Moscow.”
Nana, artist, 28

“Statements of Tbilisi and Moscow and their accusations of each other is just PR. We should focus on more acute problems like unemployment and rising prices. It would be wiser.”
Tatia, housewife, 30